Beat the Heat.

Beat the Heat Survival Kit

I am sure you are tired of hearing me talk about the heat (you got a nice little break when I was in Hawaii and Los Angeles — I actually wore a SWEATER while I was in LA!) but it is hot in Charleston. It’s hot in New York. It’s hot! I thought I would pull together a quick little roundup of the things that are making my own summer a little more bearable (or at least pretty!) A beat the heat survival kit, if you will.

Beat the Heat Survival Kit

First, so much SPF.

This ultra light tinted mineral SPF has become a new daytime fav; I love that it is so LIGHT and gives just a little bit of coverage! Unseen Sunscreen is my other go-to for face. I keep a giant container of Play in my downstairs bathroom to quickly reapply and a can of this Kate Somerville SPF setting spray by my front door to mist myself if I’m heading out for an errand or working out/working in the garden.

Second, the breeziest nightgown.

I love this so much that I bought a second one.

This anti-acne body spray is a godsend for workouts and hot days.

If I can’t shower immediately after my workout I spritz this on my back and chest.

Portable fan and setting spray.

In my purse? A tiny portable fan (yes I am that person, but in Charleston it is the norm to whip one of these out, I promise!) and this setting spray. When it is really hot and humid I find I just want to skip makeup altogether and I usually do! But when I want to look cute, this is a godsend. It has all this cool tech (including temperature control!?) and it keeps my makeup on; even when it’s hot and humid and I’m dripping sweat walking to dinner.

Claw clips!

Unless I am shooting or have an event, my go-to hairstyle right now is slicking my hair back into a low bun and securing it with a claw clip. How good is this checkered one from Amazon?

Dad sandals.

They are as supportive and comfortable as sneakers, but also very on trend (may this comfortable sandal trend please last forever!). You know I love my gold Chanel dad sandals (bought last year, The RealReal has a few sizes and styles left) and my orange slides but these Steve Madden sandals are also pretty great.

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  1. Heidi:

    Supergoop now sells big refills of PLAY sunscreen which is great because you can spend less $ and then refill your existing container once empty/expired – using way less plastic!

    7.20.23 Reply
  2. Cathy:

    The heat in Texas is just miserable and I am also on the claw clip train. It feels a little better to have my hair off my neck.

    7.20.23 Reply
  3. Terra:

    Oooh I am SUPER intrigued by the Kate Somerville setting spray to layer on top of my makeup (although I use an SPF base beneath, of course!). And I’ve been seeing that Kosas lipstick everywhere—I think Malibu will be my shade too!

    I do think it would be remiss not to mention that the best way to beat the heat is to vote for representatives who are committed to sweeping and progressive strategies to prevent further climate change and combat its deadly effects in the meantime. This is the fight of our lives, truly. On a municipal level, representatives have the power to develop and enact a heat management strategy that ensures a locale’s most vulnerable residents are protected—and these strategies will help all residents! More shade, cooling stations, and heat-aware construction solutions will help EVERYONE!

    7.20.23 Reply
  4. CD:

    ooo thank you for the tip on that anti acne body mist! I workout once a day (indoors ATM because of heat!) but unless I shower immediately – and I mean IMMEDIATELY – after my workout, my body loooooooooves to breakout along my the line of my sports bra and across my chest. Gross. Grabbing this acne mist now!

    7.20.23 Reply
  5. Jessica:

    Grace I really loved this post a lot!! I was very influenced by it haha! We did a bourbon trail trip during these past few 90 degree weather days and let me tell you that tiny fan was a lifesaver!! I also really loved the setting spray which helped keep me looking fresh. The Kosas lipstick is also a game changer!! Thank you for the awesome reccomendations!

    7.28.23 Reply