Beach Bag Essentials

Summer has me craving sand, salty air, and the smell of coconut and sunscreen. This weekend, we’re heading home to the Cape for a wedding… I’m hoping that we’ll get to spend at least one day at the beach.  Below is my ultimate beach bag…  a classic rafia tote, with all of the essentials – sunscreen, classic shades, fun flip flops, and loads more.  The towel is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen… and double towels are the best!  Oh and guys…  The band aid kit has one with sequins… I know.

More details about the products, after the page break.

The bag:  Tote by Bop Basics

The best suit:  Bikini by Mara Hoffman

On my feet:  Neon Sandals by Gorjana

Because it’s awesome:  Towel by WOW!

Necessary Protection:  Classic Wayfarers by Ray-Ban // Coola Sunscreen (seriously awesome for face) // Neosporin Lip Treatment with SPF 20 (a really good drugstore find!) // Cynthia Rowley Band Aids // Fresh Coral Lip Sugar

Finally going to read:  Game of Thrones

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  1. PennyPincherFashion says 6.19.12

    That towel is too cute – love all these picks…definitely need to pick up some of that lip balm! 🙂

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      Thanks Kimberly! The lip balm is amaze!

  2. wonderfulandmarvelous says 6.19.12

    Great picks!! I love the towel, so cool! 😉 Now what exactly is Game of Thrones all about?! I’ve been hearing about this book everywhere lately… maybe I should check it out soon…
    xo Andrea

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      Thanks, Andrea! Game of Thrones is so good, you have to!!

  3. Alex (Things That Sparkle) says 6.19.12

    Sugar is my favorite thing in the world. Love that it has SPF

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      Mine too – I think I have every color! xx

  4. Window Shopper says 6.19.12

    Obsessed with that towel! I need to try Coola sunscreen!

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      You do! It’s really, really good.

  5. Ashley Gale says 6.19.12

    seriously. best. towel. ever!
    xxoo, ashley {a {little} dash of ash}

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      Definitely 🙂

  6. Pve says 6.19.12

    love to see one of your diy kits in your beach bag!  my girl always loves to bring some of her diy friendship bracelets along.
    i also have to lug a brolly so i don’t end up looking like a lobster.
    enjoy the cape and the wedding.
    i adore weddings!

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      That’s a great idea – I’d definitely pack some embroidery floss to make friendship bracelets! I adore weddings too 🙂

  7. Elizabeth Schneider says 6.19.12

    There is no doubt that the towel has to be mine!

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      It’s so awesome! I ordered mine last wk – cannot WAIT for it to come!

  8. Kate says 6.19.12

    Love. the. towel. 

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      Me too – it’s so big and comfy!

  9. The Avg Girl Guide says 6.19.12

    Towel? Awesome! Obsessed with Sugar, and must try the Neosporin one. Those band-aids are the best! 

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      I know – it’s sort of the best thing ever! I get so excited whenever I have a blister and can use a band-aid 🙂

  10. Sarah Pickell says 6.19.12

    That towel is amazing! I’m definitely putting that on my summer wish list with those pretty flip flops too!

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      Yay! They are both awesome! 🙂

  11. Fashion-isha says 6.19.12

    This is such a fun post and that beach towel is just awesome!

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      Thank you, Sharon!!

  12. you will LOVE Game of Thrones. I just finished the second book. Be warned… they are SO LONG but really really good.

    p.s. – i love that towel! 

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      I can’t wait! So obsessed with the TV series.

  13. Totally in love with that suit! Great picks Grace!

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      Thanks, Miranda!!

  14. Brynn {chartreuse & a twist} says 6.19.12

    Seriously the coolest towel! Must have! And the suit is too cute 🙂 XO brynn

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      agree – and I love how big it is!!

  15. Bianca Strzelczyk says 6.19.12

    I’m going to the Hamptons for a bachelorette party next weekend and I was just thinking I need to  stock up on some essentials! This list is perfect timing (and I just love that towel!)

  16. Carrie says 6.19.12

    I almost peed my pants with excitement when I saw that towel. Pretty much awesome!

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      i felt the same way when I first saw it!!

  17. Alex Hubbard says 6.19.12

    I desperately need that towel haha! And those bandaids are to die for.

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      Thanks! I love both, so much!

  18. some of these (namely a straw bag, raybans, and anything mara) are on my ideal beach bag list too! i always love your roundups 🙂

    • graceatwood says 6.19.12

      Aw, thanks Jordan 🙂 I love your Mara Hoffman beach bag!! xx

  19. Ayanna B. says 6.20.12

    The Cynthia Rowley band aids and Neosporin Lip Treatmemt are awesome! I love your site!

    • graceatwood says 6.20.12

      Thanks, Ayanna!! So happy you like it – and yes, those band aids are amazing!

  20. meghan says 6.21.12

    I ordered sandals very similar to that from Old Navy, in case you’re looking for more!

    • graceatwood says 6.21.12

      Oh good to know, thank you for the tip!!

  21. Maya_wokop says 6.22.12

    Yeah, you should definitely start reading the game of thrones! I’m currently in book 3. And amazing beach bag choices.

    • graceatwood says 6.24.12

      I’m so excited to get started!!