I write about a lot of brands here.  Brands I can afford, brands I wish I could afford, you know how it goes.  Sadly, a lot of the gorgeous brands I cover during fashion week fall into the latter category.  Of course, I still love those brands… but sometimes, it’s nice to watch a show and think, “I’m going to buy that, next season.”  As is the case with BCBG.  BCBG is one of my favorite brands to shop.  The clothes are always fashion forward and fun – without being too crazy that you can’t wear them the following season.

I loved this Fall’s collection – geometric, bold, and totally wearable.  I was happy to see the mix of neutrals and vivid hues (especially the fiery red-oranges and bold violets!)  I was so excited to see so much color-blocking… and… all of that gorgeous fur!

 More, after the break.

Images via Style.com, collages by Stripes & Sequins.

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