BaubleBar + Essie… Leading Lady!

I’m so excited about BaubleBar’s latest collab (with Essie!) It went live this morning at 11am.  I’m also really excited that Christin and I got to be a part of the editorial shoot.  It was so, so much fun.  The team thought it would be fun to show a few team members.  When they decided to feature Team Social, I was more than just a little bit nervous.  I’m totally camera shy and majorly awkward in front of the camera… but thanks to an amazing makeup artist + photographer, the shoot turned out really well.  (And they let me wear my fave striped sequined dress.)

Besides being honored to participate, and being highly biased (I work for BB if you didn’t pick up on that) I love what the collection stands for.  It’s all about personal style which is why the campaign features real women.  For $50, you get your polish + coordinated bangle, and then you get to choose two of your own bangles to really add a personal spin and form the perfect bracelet stack.  It makes for a fantastic gift as well… everything comes packaged in the cutest little pouch!

From top left:  Where’s my Chauffeur // Butler Please // She’s Pampered // Leading Lady // Snap Happy // Beyond Cozy

Check them all out here and then see more photos from our shoot, after the break.

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  1. Daniellelovesbaublebar says 11.7.12

    I absolutely LOVE this! Last pic is my fave. You beautiful ladies light up my Internet :). Happy Wednesday! Ps I’m already 3 sets in…OMG! Lol

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      thank you so much, danielle!!! enjoy your new baubles – you are going to love!

  2. Liz Schneider says 11.7.12

    Stop it. You two look GORGEOUS.

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thank you so much, Liz! xo

  3. Michelle says 11.7.12

    I’m so excited about this collaboration! What a cute idea. You guys look adorable too!

    Love Baublebar!!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      thanks Michelle!!

  4. ashley - a {little} dash of ash says 11.7.12

    love everything about this! you guys looks great!!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      thanks so much lady!

  5. Emily says 11.7.12

    LOVE THIS! You girls are too fabulous. So excited for this fun collab!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thanks, Emily! xo

  6. viv says 11.7.12

    You girls you look AMAZING!!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      aw, thank you, Viv!!

  7. alyson says 11.7.12

    You ladies look AMAZING!!! Congrats, so fun + adore this collab.

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      thanks so much Alyson!

  8. Lila Sirena says 11.7.12

    What a smart collabo!!
    Congratulations =)

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thanks Lila!!

  9. Alyssa says 11.7.12

    What an amazing collab! And can we just talk about how drop dead gorgeous you look in these pictures?!

    The Glossy Life

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Aw, Thanks Alyssa… you are too sweet! xo

  10. Chrissy says 11.7.12

    How cute! Love this and all the polishes and bracelets.

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thank you Chrissy!!

  11. Bettina says 11.7.12

    What a fun collaboration! You two look gorgeous!

    Thanks for the sweet comments you left yesterday 🙂 it meant a lot to me that you stopped by!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thanks Bettina! xo

  12. Heidi Hastings says 11.7.12

    These pictures are amazing! You look gorgeous (and have no reason to be camera shy)!
    Congrats and love the Polishes!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thanks Heidi.. so sweet of you to say that!

  13. Lisa says 11.7.12

    Gorgeous photos!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thanks Lisa!

  14. Rachel says 11.7.12

    This is such a great idea for a collaboration! I love how they picked two young, blogging employees to be the models!

    Life Unsweetened

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thank you, Rachel!

  15. M. (Faded M Style) says 11.7.12

    This is such an amazing deal! I have been squeeing over it all day! You also both look stunning and these are gorgeous photos! xo
    Best, M.

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Aw yay! Thanks M!

  16. Gotham Polish says 11.7.12

    What a great collab! Who DOESN’T love bracelets and polish?! Love the photos 🙂

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thank you Hallie! xoxo

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thank you so much!!

  17. Tiffany says 11.7.12

    I saw the leading lady nail polish today and almost got it! Perfect for the holidays.

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      So fun! You should get the set! xoxo

  18. Hallie says 11.7.12

    You and Christin look AWESOME! What a no-brainer idea for a collaboration. Love this!

    I’m coming to NYC for the weekend and Jessica (Bows & Sequins) and I are hoping to swing by the new store over the weekend. I can’t wait!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Oooh have so much fun at The Bar! It’s fantastic! xo

  19. Ashley says 11.7.12

    I love this collab!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thank you Ashley!!

  20. Lynzy says 11.7.12

    Grace! These came out so cute. Loving the collab !

    xx Lynzy

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thanks Lynzy!! xoxo

  21. Jordan says 11.7.12

    first of all, the collaboration is an AWESOME idea. i was so excited when i heard about it.

    but second and most importantly – HELLO GORGEOUS!!!! grace you look unreal!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      You are too sweet, Jordan! Thank you!!

  22. Samantha says 11.8.12

    how gorgeous — you look beautiful!! xx

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thank you Samantha!!

  23. Tiffany says 11.8.12

    These photos of you are SO adorable and you look absolutely stunning! Seriously why were you nervous- these are perfect!! Whose the dress by-it’s perfect for the holiday season. Already have the Leading Lady polish but that bangle is a perfect match to have with it….might have to splurge 🙂

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Aw, thanks Tiffany!! xo

  24. Cassie says 11.8.12

    You and Christin look gorgeous in these pictures! Such a fan of both of you, it makes me happy seeing you get recognition. 🙂 Also, I think I may have to get a stack of these bracelets. BB always has the best things!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thank you so much Cassie… we really appreciate the kind words! I hope you get some bracelets, they are fab.

  25. Marisa says 11.9.12

    Love these!!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Thanks Marisa!

  26. Alina (The Hyperbalist) says 11.9.12

    (I’m catching up on your blog so you may be receiving a few successive comments from me..) but…YOU ARE SO PRETTY. Seriously you remind me of Leslie Mann but like 40 x more gorgeous even. I couldn’t believe that first photo you look STUNNING. Also a little bit of Katie Couric in your smile! Adorable. The photographer was amazing whoever it was, I’m jealous!! xo

    • Grace Atwood says 11.9.12

      Aw, you are so sweet Alina… thank you for the kind words!

  27. Laura says 11.10.12

    You look stunning Grace and this is such a great collaboration!

    Laura xo

  28. Julie {Julip Made} says 11.12.12

    You both look phenomenal! What a great photo shoot and adorable holiday gift. Congrats!

  29. Kirsten says 11.14.12

    Grace – you look amazing and I love the collaboration! Where is that dress from?? I need it!

  30. Kirsten says 11.14.12

    Grace – you look amazing and I love the collaboration! p.s. Where is that dress from?? I need it!

    • Grace Atwood says 11.14.12

      thank you so much, kirsten! unfortunately the dress is really old… it’s jcrew from two or three years ago! I’m sorry! You might still be able to find one on Ebay… It’s called the confetti dress.

  31. Emma says 11.28.12

    LOVE that dress! Where is it from?

    • Grace Atwood says 11.28.12

      aw, thank you! It is J.Crew, but a couple years old!!