Bath Season.


Here in New York, it felt as though winter arrived over the weekend. I woke up on Saturday morning and checked the weather before I headed out… forty eight degrees!? How!? Yesterday was also very chilly, and by the time I got home from our fall excursion in Long Island, there was only one thing I wanted to do: take a bath. I sat in the tub for an entire hour with a pile of magazines (note – this is not good for you, it really dries out your skin!) and a big mason jar of lemon water, and it was glorious.

Taking a bath is one of my favorite things to do. If I had a nicer bathroom (and infinite free time), I would probably take a bath a day, right before bedtime. It soothes tired, achy muscles; it softens the skin and preps it for exfoliation + shaving; and it’s just downright relaxing. It’s also the perfect place to do a face mask (my other favorite thing.) On nights where I take a bath, I sleep like a princess.

The cabinet below my sink is pretty much a bathtub laboratory. All of the bubble baths, soaks, bath cubes, and salts a girl could ever dream of. For a really simple bath I’ll mix drugstore ingredients: 2 cups of dead sea or epsom salts, 1/4 cup organic almond oil, and a few drops each of lavender + neroli oils. You can also use coconut oil. This combination leaves my skin ridiculously soft, my body debloated, and my mind at rest.

After a really grueling workout I love to soak in these magnesium bath flakes from Naturopathica…. magnesium is known for providing therapeutic benefits for chronic muscle aches, cramping or stiffness.

Last but not least, I love a good seaweed soak. I swear they make you feel (temporarily) lighter & skinnier and I’ve always really liked this one, from Space NK. (I was shocked to see that it’s on sale for $9 a bottle and ordered three bottles earlier today!) I swear it releases any bloat and the seaweed firms + tightens  your skin.

After my bath, I slather on a luxe body oil (almond oil also does the trick!) and slip into my fluffiest robe. Whatever your preferred bath time potion, just remember to drink a lot of water before and after your bath. You won’t feel it because your getting clean, but you actually sweat a lot in the tub… you don’t want to wind up dehydrated!


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  1. Ally:

    I take a bath every night, it’s my favorite way to unwind and read some magazines. I’ll have to try your bath mixture, looks great!

    Xo Ally

    10.19.15 Reply
  2. hannah:

    It’s crazy the amount of baths I have been having recently, the seaweed soak sounds lovely!

    10.19.15 Reply
  3. Laura Kathleen:

    Good tip about drinking water, I don’t know how I never knew that! I wish I had a nice tub, the apartment I’m renting has a tiny bathtub and I never really have taken a bath in it, maybe my next place!


    10.19.15 Reply
  4. Becca:

    I’m going to take a bath today now. Our bathroom leaves a lot to be desired – but it is nice and cleanr right now so it’s perfect timing. I’m going to light a candle, put in coconut oil and a bath cube…and put on a face and hair mask (thank you for those sister).

    10.25.15 Reply