bareSkin by bareMinerals.


If you are a regular reader in these parts, then you know about my aversion to putting anything. on. my. face. Most foundations = Hate, hate, hate. So, as big of a fan as I am of their brand (huge), when bareMinerals approached me about working on a post with them to promote their new foundation line, I politely declined, explaining that foundation just wasn’t my thing. They eventually convinced me to at least try a sample, explaining that the formula was so revolutionary, so lightweight, so sheer… that even I would fall in love with it. I was skeptical but have been a long time fan of the brand and really, really love their products {their powders + lipsticks are among my very favorites… besides, I will try anything once} so I tested it out. And you guys… being fully honest… I REALLY LOVE IT! Your skin can still breathe, you don’t feel like you have anything more than moisturizer on… but your skin looks flawless and glowy. Consider me converted. I mean, not for everyday {mostly because I’m lazy} but so long as I get up early enough, this stuff is now a part of my routine. Who would have thought. My skin is pretty good on my own but whenever I use this my coworkers inevitably ask what is different // if I actually slept eight hours. Nope, just this magical product!



The system consists of two things: the foundation itself, and the brush. The brush is different than other foundation brushes because it actually has a little well inside of it. It’s a crafty little tool and really blends the product in quite nicely.



Begin by dropping 2-3 drops into the well of the brush.



And then just brush the foundation all over your face til it is blended in. Make sure the edges {forehead, jaw, sides of face} are blended… but honestly, the formula is so viscous that it is really hard to make a mistake! And trust me – if I can do it without making any mistakes, you can too!!


Thanks to bareMinerals for sponsoring this post. I truly love the product and would never endorse a product here that I didn’t honestly believe in.

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. turqandteal:

    I just picked this up last week and absolutely love it! I originally felt the same way, say heavy foundation wasn’t my thing. Luckily this doesn’t even feel like you have anything on your face!

    6.19.14 Reply
  2. Heidi:

    Interesting! I prefer BB creams over foundation because I am not a fan of anything “cakey” but I might have to give this one a try because I love other products from bareMinerals.

    6.19.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      that’s so funny because I think of BB creams as too cakey! This one (in my opinion) is much more lightweight than any of the BB creams I’ve tried. Let me know what you think if you end up trying it!!

      6.19.14 Reply
  3. Cathleen:

    I don’t wear much makeup, but I have wanted to try theirs. I may give it a try.
    Btw, I like that gold she’ll.

    6.19.14 Reply
  4. comfortablyychic:

    I really wanted to try this product but when I tested it out on my hand in stores it came out super oily from the bottle which made me nervous. I may need to shake it up next time. I might give it a second chance since I’m hearing such great things about it.

    xo, Jen

    6.19.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Jen, I totally know what you mean. I think you just need to shake it more… the first time I tried it, I didn’t shake it and some weird clear drops came out. But the formula is great if you shake it!

      6.19.14 Reply
  5. Nan // Simply Elegant Blog:

    So great to hear such a honest review. I am always very picky about my foundation (I think most of us are!) so it is great to know that this is light sits well. I am thinking that I am going to have to go check it out!
    Also – your nails are so cute, love the touch of a sparkle!

    6.19.14 Reply
  6. Charlotte:

    I’ve used Bare Minerals for years! But just decided to give the liquid a try on my visit last week to replenish. I’m loving it and was shocked. Still as easy as the powder and I think the coverage is just a bit better.

    6.19.14 Reply
  7. The Preppy Leopard:

    I already used their regular mineral foundation every day, so I figured I’d give this a try when it came out. This foundation is mind-blowingly amazing. I’ve used it for the last two months, and the coverage is incredible without feeling too goopy on my skin.

    6.19.14 Reply
  8. Missy On Madison:

    Love your phone case! And now I want to try that!!!
    Enter My ‘Laila Rowe Bling’ Giveaway On The Blog –>

    6.19.14 Reply
  9. Rose:

    OK first of all I love the use of flash here, it looks great! Secondly, I’ve been hearing a lot about this with their PR push but honestly your opinions are always so genuine (you did convince me to try Frank) I might have to check it out!!

    Blonde in this City

    6.19.14 Reply
  10. Franziska:

    I’m so tempted to try it out! Especially in the warmer months when it’s too hot for “real” makeup

    also is that your new favorite tee?!?!

    6.19.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      good eye! Yes, it is!

      6.19.14 Reply
  11. Hilary:

    This looks amazing! I am on the same boat, I have never been a foundation person, just because it was yet another step I had to incorporate into my routine! But this looks amazing! I want to march down to the store right now and pick this up! Thank you for sharing!


    6.19.14 Reply
  12. Laura Kathleen:

    So I read this review and decided I had to try this! I love the way my skin looks with a light foundation but hadn’t found one that didn’t feel too heavy yet! I went to Sephora and got this formula and the brush and LOVE IT! It makes my skin dewy and even-toned. I look like I got 12 hours of sleep! Thanks so much for the review!

    6.26.14 Reply
  13. ishaba:

    Obsessed with your phone case!! Need to know where I can get one!

    7.31.14 Reply