Barcelona: The Food

{our last meal in Barcelona – meats at a sidewalk cafe.}

We left Barcelona a week ago and I’m still thinking about all of the amazing food we enjoyed.  When visiting France, you must indulge in a cheese plate as frequently as possible.  When visiting Spain, you must enjoy a meat plate (Ibericos & Chorizo) at least daily.  And tapas… oh, the tapas.  It was hard at times.  I’ve mentioned before that Stefan and I have been working with a nutritionist.  We’ve been on a rather strict meal plan (lots of supplements, protein shakes, no starches, no sugar… etc.)  We took a break from our healthy routine during vacation… sort of.  He told us to indulge, but only if it was really worth it.  It was hard to decide what was worth it with so many amazing options (hint:  pan (bread) smashed with tomato and homemade croquetas made the cut.)  Now that we’re home, it’s back to our strict routine.  Vacation definitely hindered our weight loss, but I don’t regret a single calorie consumed in Spain.  Well worth it.

My favorites:

Catalana Cerveseria – for a yummy tapas lunch.  (Get the Ibericos!)

Boca Grande – for a trendy + fun dinner.  The homemade croquetas are amazing… and be sure to get dessert.

Botafumeíro – for white linens + fancy seafood.  I had the tuna tartar and king crab – scrumptious.

Hotel Arts – Our hotel had some of the best food we ate.  Ciabatta bread smashed with tomato, Ibericos, amazing omelettes, fresh salads and seafood… and the BEST sangria.

{tomato-smashed ciabatta + iberian ham – this is how they start you off at Boca Grande.}

Take me back, please.

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  1. Andrea says 10.25.12

    This looks so delicious! I love mediteranian food! I hope you enjoyed your vacation!! 🙂
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  2. Julie & Lauren says 10.25.12

    This food looks delish!!! Really, the food in Europe is just THAT much better. Mmm.. XO

  3. Natalie says 10.25.12

    lived in barcelona and the food was my favorite part!!!

  4. I’m really loving all the travel posts!  Top Five on my Bucket List has visiting Pamplona, Spain during the Running of the Bulls.  I was an English major in college, and one of my first critical analysis papers was about Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.  It’s primarily set in Spain, and it was the first book I read where my wander lust really ignited.  Thanks for sharing these–hopefully I can get over there one day too!

  5. The Avg Girl Guide says 10.25.12

    Mmmmm, such heaven. I should really follow more food blogs because I love seeing incredible dishes. Dying to get to Barcelona. 

  6. Elizabeth Schneider says 10.25.12

    This seriously makes me sick with envy! Take me back!

  7. I loved the Catalana Cerveseria also! Boy did we pig out at that place. Another two worthy addresses are Visit, the restaurant in the Pulitzer Hotel (and the rooftop bar called Up) – and the restaurant elPassatge in the Murmuri hotel where we stayed. Craving spanish food now.

  8. Alissa Futhey says 10.25.12

    Oh my gosh how incredible this all looks! I cannot wait to visit there someday!

  9. Bettina says 10.25.12

    Yummm all of this looks so delicious! Eating cured meats and manchego cheese with some sips of gazpacho is what I remember the most about food from Madrid. That and eating churros con chocolate in the morning 🙂 

  10. erin says 10.25.12

    having been to spain 5 times, i AGREE!! the food is such an important/the most important part of their culture. it’s truly an experience! x

  11. Dear Lord. The crab stuffed with crab. The croquetas. The jamon iberico. And mussels too! I am drooling. 

  12. Nicole Levine says 10.25.12

    I was seriously drooling when you were instagramming food pics…looks like HEAVEN!!

  13. Jordan - Queen of LA says 10.26.12

    STOP IT. i am obsessed with pan con tomato and anything meat related. you just made me hungry!!!!