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Barbie is taking over. The film is out July 20th. I’ll admit: I’m excited to see it? I have a calendar reminder set? Maybe I’m crazy but the trailer looks really, really fun — and visually just WOW. Also a killer cast: Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell? OK, I’ll bite! It is for certain that this film is going to set some trends and will absolutely have an impact on what we wear. Already, I have gotten countless emails from several of my favorite brands (Tuckernuck! Bloomingdales! Nicola Bathie!) advertising Barbie everything. Today we have a giant round-up, inspired by Barbie’s style in the film. This was really, really fun to pull together.

I do have some good news: it’s not all pink. Although pink has been growing me (still, I personally own maybe five pink items total!), there are a lot of timeless, elegant looks… and a lot of navy blue too! Think a-line silhouettes, polka dots, gingham, stripes… classic swim silhouettes, and of course, high heels. Everyone thinks of pink (and yes: she certainly loves her pink) but Barbie’s looks were pretty classic when it came down to it. I personally really love the knotted shirts, the a-line dresses, all the espadrilles, and (duh), the tiny bags!

Back to pink though: if you are nervous about dipping your toe into the PINK trend, hot I’d suggest starting with a bright pink accessory (love these jeweled heels, such a great price too) or maybe even a little mini dress like this one. Just keep the rest of your look simple and let your one pink item shine.

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  1. erica:

    I think you meant July 20th? So excited to see the movie and I’m loving the Barbie aesthetic!

    6.26.23 Reply
  2. m:

    I LOVE this post! I hate pink, but the idea of a black and white bathing suit with a pop of color seems so fresh to me right now. You’ve done a great job interpreting the classic Barbie vibes! Can’t wait to see this silly movie.

    6.26.23 Reply
    • Right? It isn’t all pink! Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m excited too. Going to rally a bunch of friends and make a night of it.

      6.26.23 Reply
  3. I own and love the pink Staud Wells dress – strongly recommend! It’s also cute with a cropped sweater over it, or a button down tied at the waist, for a different look.

    6.27.23 Reply
  4. I’m so excited for the movie! I love the A-line dress – perfect for any occasion!xxx

    6.27.23 Reply
  5. Annette:

    Such a fun post. Have you seen the book entitled Dressing Barbie? It’s about the clothes and the woman who designed them.

    6.30.23 Reply