Bag Tag… What’s in Yours?

A while ago, I was tagged by the lovely Tanya who writes the blog “Moosette.”  According to the “tag,” you must show what’s in your purse.  It took me a long time to finally do it, but here goes!

  1. My bag:  Kelly Green.  Marc by Marc Jacobs (2 Springs ago, I think)
  2. Navy Blue Filofax   (Does it make me sound old that I rely and depend upon this?  My blackberry’s calendar just doesn’t do it for me.)
  3. Classic Ray Ban Aviators
  4. Eos Lip Balm  (love the cute sphere package.)
  5. Fun little business card case that my mom gave me ages ago.
  6. Yellow Ipod nano
  7. Turquoise woven wallet – no named cheapie that I got for free at an event.  It’s vinyl, but so cute, so who cares!
  8. This really amazing face cream that my mom got at a boutique on Cape Cod…  it’s called “Lemurian & Atlantic Crystal Satin…” but I have no idea who makes it.
  9. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter stick (use this whenever any part of my skin gets dry)
  10. Bliss Hand Cream
  11. Tide to Go Stick (I rely on this and probably use it daily.)
  12. Bare Escentuals’ Buxom Lip  Gloss in “Candi”  (the perfect pink gloss)
  13. Chanel Hydrabase lipstick in “Marilyn”  (the perfect red lip with pink undertones.  A girlfriend introduced me to it and I had to find it at a shop that carries discontinued beauty products.  Worth the hunt.)
  14. Inglot Sleeks Cream  Lip Gloss #93 (an awesome red/orange gloss.  Wear just a little for a natural look, or a lot for a bit of drama.)
  15. E. Coudray Perfume Purse Spray  (smells like Freesia, bought at Takashimaya)
  16. YSL Touche Eclat (obvi… for whenever I’m looking tired.)
  17. Burts Bees Chapstick (my absolute favorite.)
  18. Fresh Lip Sugar Rose (for when I want the Burts Bees, but also want a little color.  Smells amazing)
  19. Rimmel Royal Gloss in “Twinkle Pink”  (just a great, shiny, clear gloss that isn’t sticky!) 
  20. Purse Hook – Best Invention Ever.  If you don’t have one, get one here.  I got as a bridesmaid gift and gave them to my whole family the next year.
So there you have  it… that’s what’s in my bag…  What’s in yours?  And what I’ve learned from this exercise?  I have waaayyy too many lip products in my bag.  7 of them!  Yikes. 

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