Backyard (Inspired) Entertaining

Backyard Inspired Entertaining4

Living in Manhattan, one of the things I really miss is having an outdoor space to entertain friends and family. When I lived in Boston after school, we had a great porch and were always grilling… it was the best – and something I took for granted.

Here in New York, outdoor spaces are few, far between, and/or very expensive. If you find one, you never move. But I digress. Recently, I hosted a fun little night for a few of my friends with Mike’s Hard Lemonadeinspired by the idea of backyard entertaining. While I don’t have a porch, patio, or roof deck; I do have a coffee table… and when you have delicious barbecue, yummy cocktails, and great friends; who really cares if you’re outside or not!?

Backyard Inspired Entertaining5

I ordered barbecue from one of my absolute faves (Virgils.) Ribs, brisket, cornbread, biscuits, mac & cheese… the works. I wish I could tell you that I cooked all of this, but that would be a lie. Tasting Table has some amazing recipes here that I’m dying to try out… (Barbecued Chicken and Cherry Bruschetta? YAS.)

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Backyard Inspired Entertaining2

My friends and I are all obsessed with Loopy Doopy (a fun bar in the city that serves popsicles in glasses of champagne or wine). Inspired by that, I served a fun take on strawberry lemonade.

I made homemade strawberry popsicles (I blended two big handfuls of fresh strawberries, 1/2 cup water, a splash of lime juice and a teaspoon of Truvia and froze them in my Zoku popsicle mold). Then, I filled a wine glass halfway up with Mike’s Hard Lemonade and dropped in the popsicle. These were so good. Too good, maybe. As the night goes on, the popsicle melts adding more of a strawberry flavor.. So sweet and delicious!

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Created in partnership with Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

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  1. That’s a fun idea with the popsicles.

    8.31.15 Reply
  2. Yum I love the idea of a popsicle served in champagne!

    xo Jessica

    8.31.15 Reply
  3. This is such a fun idea! So perfect for a backyard BBQ!

    Shae @ Current Habits

    8.31.15 Reply

    8.31.15 Reply
  5. What a fun drink idea and fun way to enjoy the backyard feeling!! I’m all about flavored ice cubes right now but popsicles are another really fun way to add flavor to your drink!

    xo, Sarah

    8.31.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      That’s a really good idea too! I love the popsicles because it’s kinda like a side of dessert with your cocktail. 😉

      8.31.15 Reply
  6. I think a barbecue inside is such a great idea! I recently moved flats at uni with my boyfriend, and we have a tiny balcony in this one, so we are probably going to put the small barbecue there and eat inside since there isn’t enough space!

    8.31.15 Reply
  7. Pots:

    This is an embarrassing level of schilling.

    8.31.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m really sorry you feel that way. I’m not embarrassed though… I personally loved the drink, and my friends did too!

      8.31.15 Reply
  8. Now I want to do some entertaining!

    8.31.15 Reply