Back from Berlin!

And we’re back!  As I wrote earlier today, Berlin was amazing.  It feels a little surreal (especially after an insane day back at work,) knowing that just one day ago, we were in a foreign country, in a time zone six hours away.

I loved our hotel (The Esplanade.)  It was modern, yet cozy – all at once.  We also managed to get in quite a bit of site-seeing throughout the trip.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from our whirlwind long weekend.

The necklaces that I packed… all homemade.
A beautiful orchid in our hotel room.
The Gropius Mirror restaurant – actually just a tent, but you’d never know once you were inside!
Morning cappuccino… and Berlinale sugar packets (yes I took one home!)
The Berlin Wall – would have expected it to be thicker, no?
I love this – cobblestones mark where the wall once was.
The festival “mascot.”  These bears are all over the city.
the Holocaust Memorial – this was very cool.  It gets deeper as you get closer towards the center, and you can almost get a little bit lost.
Outside the world premiere of Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  I love how this photo turned out.
Postcards from the movie.  (Goosebumps!)
The movie poster.  (More goosebumps!)
The boyfriend and I on Valentine’s Day, after the premiere.  (wearing Nars Heat Wave lipstick and a homemade necklace.)
A fun bar (wish I could tell you the name!) that we visited after the premiere, after the post-movie dinner, after the after-party… oh, what a night!

It was an amazing weekend.  I felt so lucky that I was able to attend and be there for the boyfriend… and so excited to see a new city.  I’m not really sure how we will top Valentine’s Day next year!

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