August’s Amazon Favorites.

Augusts Amazon Favorites

August’s Amazon Favorites

There is lots to tell you about this month. Some great fashion finds, beauty and home goodies, but really: this month, it is all about the towel warmer.

I hate myself a little bit for buying it but I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH. And yes I know it’s hot in Charleston but my apartment is air conditioned. I love throwing my towel in there for 10-15 minutes while I shower… or (maybe even more indulgently!) putting my robe in it. Such a treat. I know you could do the same thing with the dryer but my laundry is far away from my bathroom, and I always forget.

I also just can’t stop gushing about this little hat clip. As an avid traveler (who has finally found some cute hats that actually fit!), this is a game changer. Just clip it onto any tote and then clip on your hat!

And also: my beloved magnesium salts. I have talked about these in other posts (maybe Aug favorites) but they are heaven on sore muscles AND they smell like a wintergreen lifesaver. Or maybe the brown necco wafer. Unclear.

These are my new $15 sunglass obsession.

A silly thing but truly so helpful: this colander. It slides over the edges of your sink. I use it to drain pasta, let fruit and veggies dry after I wash them, or for smaller utensils and kitchen items that I hand wash.

Lastly, I’ve been working on a story about affordable pajamas (coming at you in two weeks when I am back from vacation). These remind me so much of Olivia von Halle (and come in a giant range of colors) and these green + white stripes are an instant favorite. Both pairs are very TTS, I got a medium in each.

As always, if you are viewing my site on desktop, just hover over each item to see why I love it.


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  1. Cait:

    Ooohh your comment about the hat clip, I’d love a post about cute hats that fit! I have a big head (lol!) so hats either don’t fit, or I think they look weird? But I also need sun protection, so it’s a lose-lose!

    8.23.22 Reply
  2. Marcella:

    Can attest the iPhone stand is also perfect for FaceTiming friends while making dinner! I used to try to lean my phone on a random appliance but this works perfect.

    8.23.22 Reply
  3. Molly:

    Those green stripe pjs look like you Grace! I’ve been really loving matching sets for (non-pj) for daytime too 🙂

    8.23.22 Reply
    • They are even better in person. They will be in an upcoming reel but I was blown away but the quality!

      8.24.22 Reply
  4. Alli:

    Oh my god that Amazon dress is stunning! I clicked the link convinced you were confused and it wasn’t an Amazon item! Buying immediately.

    8.26.22 Reply
  5. Jocelyn:

    The towel warmer will be the perfect Christmas gift for my husband! Is it plug in or battery powered?

    10.2.22 Reply