Artist Spotlight: Michelle Armas

I couldn’t be more excited or honored to announce Stripes & Sequins’ first regular contributor.  It was an easy choice… (I mean, who could I trust more than my very own (very talented) sister, Becca Atwood!?)  She started her blog just a few months ago in January, but has already managed to make quite a splash in the blogging world… tracking down artists and designers that I’ve never even heard of!  Read on for her first artist spotlight, and be sure to stop by her blog, (extra)ordinary wonders.  It truly is… extraordinary!  I’ll let her take it from here… in the meantime, you can look forward to her posts every Tuesday afternoon.

Many of you may know Michelle Armas, as her beautiful paintings are pretty lust-worthy.  She is a very talented artist from Atlanta, known for her abstract acrylic paintings.  She is a Taurus, a history buff, and a sci fi geek.  Her blog is fantastic if you haven’t checked it out before.  Her friendly personality comes through loud and clear.  She was kind enough to answer a few questions about herself… so be sure to read the full post after the jump.


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  1. Anna @ IHOD says 3.27.12

    K I love that there is a sister collaboration going on:) Looking forward to more!
    And thanks for the intro to Michelle Armas. Stunning work!

  2. i love this new feature! michelle armas is so talented – i love her use of color! 

  3. Danielledee1123 says 3.27.12

    Love these paintings! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to Tuesdays !!

  4. Julia Rosinus says 3.27.12

    Great minds think alike — I have a post on Michelle ready for next week! She is SO talented and I would love to have one of her paintings.

  5. Hannah says 3.27.12

    Love these paintings! Michelle Armas is so talented! My favorite is the first one; it’s perfect for the spring and summer

  6. Viviana Carmona says 3.27.12

    These are so fabulous! Can’t wait to see what Becca has in store for us every Tuesday!

  7. Virginie says 3.27.12

    I find it so poetic in a certain way, the colors are stunning. Harmony!


  8. Kristin Crawford says 3.27.12

    These are so beautiful! I can’t wait to start following her blog… FYI, the link you have at the beginning of the post takes you to  an error page: Thought you might want to fix so folks can get to her blog! 

  9. Becca Atwood says 3.27.12

    Thanks Grace! So excited to be contributing to your blog!  I am glad that you all like the post and am excited about the upcoming artists who will be featured.

  10. Jessica says 3.27.12

    so cute! what a great sister collab! love it

  11. How lovely! Great to have another Atwood in blogland! Welcome Becca 🙂

  12. Such a fun series! And what better person to have than your sister! Love it. xo

  13. Natasha Fatah says 3.27.12

    Thanks for the introduction to this great artist and her awesome blog. 
    Good luck to her!


  14. Alice McGenniss-Destro says 3.27.12

    incredible artwork! i can’t wait to see what else Becca has in store 🙂 x

  15. HUGE Michelle Armas fan over here. Her work is right up my alley. Abstract, not weird, fantastic use of color. Great little interview and I love seeing Becca over here!

  16. Brynn {chartreuse & a twist} says 3.27.12

    I LOVE this new series! What a gorgeous kick-off…Michelle’s work is so, so lovely!!! I am always on the hunt for beautiful artwork for my home, so I can’t wait to meet more artists each week! XO brynn

  17. Sarah Roads says 3.27.12

    Such a big fan of her work! Loving the new feature ladies!  

  18. Sónia says 3.28.12


    Sónia from

  19. Samantha Green says 3.28.12

    beautiful artwork! i’ve never heard of michelle armas before but i love these pieces — particularly the pinks in picture 1. thank you for sharing and i look forward to being introduced by more artists in coming weeks 🙂 xx