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Guys. I need some new art! My apartment has these amazingly high ceilings and I have this vision in my head where my gallery wall goes all the way up to the top… from couch to ceiling. I’ve slowly been building it up over the past year but am keen to add a few new pieces. My favorite pieces come from Gray Malin, One Kings Lane, Aly Harte, and more recently Max Wanger’s shop (his Tulum print is my everything, obviously), but I’d love to find some new artists to support that fit my aesthetic. Above are some pieces I already own… what do I need next? Tell me your secrets!

Clockwise from top left: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

I’d be so grateful if you’d tell me your faves in the comments…

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  1. I just purchased a Michelle Armas “Laura” picture that I love, love, love – – they are pretty sizable but very vibrant. She sells smaller prints on her etsy store that may be better suited to your wall and OKL had some of her pieces on sale for great prices. Love all your choices already!

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  2. Erin:

    I love Clare Elsaesser’s work ( It’s pretty and feminine and reasonably priced. I also love mixing in some personal photos in my gallery wall, including one of the grandparents on their honeymoon in the 40s. I love the variety!

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  3. Ra: features emerging artists and releases limited edition screen prints every week. Part of the proceeds go to a charity of the artist’s choice and the prints are pretty affordable, usually around $25.

    From Etsy, I recommend the following shops:
    – BrianTuchalskiPhoto, his Scenes from NYC photography
    – FolkArtPapercuts has amazing papercut art that will provide a little variety from paintings and drawings.
    – SamanthaFrench has developed a cult following and her underwater images will mesh will with your beach art theme

    And finally, I love El Gato Gomez, who has a shop on ebay. It’s retro themed multi media artwork (primarily original paintings) that runs the gamut from space to pinup girls to cats to abstract.

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  4. Art lover here! Go original! Michelle Armas often has small ones (18×18 or 16×20) in her shop for $200. I have several and they are gorgeous. Teil Duncan is someone else to check out, although her art is getting pricier by the minute as she becomes more known. I have piece by her as well and it makes me so incredibly happy. Lulie Wallace has incredible funky floral pieces. Jenny Andrews-Anderson has great modern pieces. Another great way to add to your collection is to buy at estates sales. Good luck and happy hunting! I’m always looking to add to my collection.

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  5. Ah I was just about to write Lulie Wallace until I realized she had already been suggested! I totally second that opinion. I’m coveting one of her pieces myself.

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  6. claire:

    Teil Duncan!
    really great shapes and color palettes!

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  7. Thought of some more… Hollie Chastain makes these really cool mixed media collages. She does have signed and numbered limited edition prints in her Etsy shop. Leah Giberson has signed and numbered prints in her Etsy shop as well. She is the artist that does the paintings of the Airstream trailers and RVs, among other things. Tracy Melton does these cool tree ring paintings. You can also find his shop on Etsy.

    See? I love art. 🙂

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  8. Kari Herer has some amazing flower photography for sale on her Etsy site >>

    I just did a gallery wall of Canvaspop prints of our favorite travel pictures in our bedroom, and it makes me SO happy every time I look at it. It also brings some much needed color to our apartment.

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  9. Love the mix you have going!

    One of my current faves is prints from Check it out and see if it’s your cup of tea!


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  10. Im obsessed with all of the art prints on Society6. They are so fresh and cool and almost all of them are under $20. Win, win, and win! They’re great for building a gallery wall on a budget. Some of my favorite artists on the site are Tim Jarosz, Amy Sia, and Tina Crespo.

    Have fun collecting!

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  11. Wow, I really love these prints! Especially the “le chat” one:D

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  12. Love seeing everyone’s recommendations. Also try

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  13. I love Bree Madden’s prints – California beaches with a sun dappled look.

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  14. fashionsbit:

    You already have some amazing pieces!

    fashionsbit blog  || facebook  ||  instagram  ||  bloglovin  ||  twitter

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  15. for follow on Insta 🙂

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  16. I love your ideas! I’ve just started selling art prints in my Etsy shop. I think you’d like the Cactus one!

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  17. Allison:
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  18. I absolutely love She Hit Pause studios, he usually has his work at the Brooklyn flea and you can check out the website here:

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  19. Hi Grace! I am an art advisor and love to share artists with people. Some of my favorites recently have been:
    – Jose Romussi:
    -Chad Wys:

    Love both of their work!

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  20. I adore Gray Malin… someday. I second the suggestion of ClareElsaesser on etsy – so cute! I also love my print from minagraphy on etsy. ( Her Coney Island beach prints are my favorite and I think they would fit in well with your pieces. Lastly, catwalk ( has some really cool collage type prints that I love.

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  21. Why not some Coney Island artwork:

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  22. Tim:

    Hi Grace, wife and I ordered a custom 45″ x 65″ Tulum print from Max and it arrived very, very slightly damaged. There was a small crinkle on one of the edges. Our framer recommended we tell Max and have the lab replace it since we spent $1,500 on it. He said he could easily trim the affected area off making the final size 43.5″ x 65″, so hardly any smaller, but wanted us to see if we could get a new one. The print lab ended up sending us a brand new one so we’ve got this extra print. We want to sell it and get into a good home, one that promotes Max’s work! Shoot me an email if you’re interested or if you know anyone who might be.

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  23. Reni:

    Hi Grace,
    just wanted to mention that I have painted a few art pieces that may be interesting to you. They seem like they will appeal to your style and go great with the rest of the art work you already own. Here’s the link to some of the art pieces

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  24. What a beautiful collection you have already!

    I would be honored to have you peruse my portfolio. Please let me know if you’re interested in anything in particular; I am open to commissioned/requested art of all sizes and shapes.

    Thank you!

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