Apartment Updates + St. Frank Giveaway. (CLOSED)

st frank giveaway 1

About a year or so ago, there was a party for my sister’s fabric by the yard line over at Studio Four. I know so little about home design (and textiles for that matter) so I always enjoy going to events with my sister as I end up learning a lot. That time around, she introduced me to Christina Bryant (the owner of San Francisco based St. Frank). We instantly bonded over our single status + dating disasters… and really hit it off comparing startup stories (at the time, I was still at BaubleBar). I got home and jumped online to peruse her site and found myself immediately smitten – I couldn’t believe what an amazing eye my new friend had.

St. Frank partners with artisans from all over the world to empower them + preserve their artisanal craft. My favorite parts of the shop are the framed textiles + curiosities, but there is truly something awesome for everyone. And that’s why I’m pretty excited to give one lucky reader $500 to spend on their site! You can enter using the widget at the bottom of the post… don’t forget to comment with what you’d buy!

On that note, I’ve been in major nesting/cleaning mode with this cold! My apartment is looking much better than it has in ages… next week I’ll be sharing a peek at what I’ve done with my office area.

st frank giveaway 2

Pictured above, the Day of the Dead Skull is one of my most treasured items. I’m a sucker for blue and white of course, but I love the meaning behind it. The Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, is a holiday held throughout Mexico on All Saints’ Day that combines Aztec + Spanish Catholic traditions. It’s a celebration of the lives of deceased ancestors and friends, filled with food, singing, dancing, and games. The deceased are believed to awaken to share in the festivities. This skull symbolizes death and rebirth and is decorated with bright colors that reflect the joy & spirit of lost loved ones. Kinda nice, no?

st frank giveaway 3

The other chic (but meaningful) item is my Juju Hat, pictured above my inspiration board. The Juju hat is a symbol of prosperity and divinity in Bamileke culture. And it is an actual hat, but I hang it from a nail on my wall. The hat is made from the feathers of wild birds and the hat is traditionally worn by members of the high classes of the tribe during rituals and festivities in a dance to celebrate the kingdom’s prosperity. It’s such an interesting piece and I like to believe that it brings me a bit of luck!

st frank giveaway 4

Last but not least is my Organic Indigo Print, framed in lucite. I fell in love with this one as it melds so seamlessly with all of the Shibori pieces I have from my sister… (and again… blue + white!)  The lucite frame makes it feel really special and cool. Eventually I plan to hang it on my gallery wall but that will require a massive overhaul that I’m not quite ready for just yet!

st frank giveaway 5

st frank giveaway 6

Something you might not know about me… I collect vintage perfume bottles! A lot of the ones above and below are from a cool antique shop I found in Paris.. the rest either came from our family or New York area thrift shops. It’s always fun to look for them when I’m out and about, especially on vacation.

st frank giveaway 7

st frank giveaway 8

(A closer look at my inspiration board.)

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  1. Christina says 1.28.16

    Those vintage perfume bottles add such a unique touch to your space. The place looks wonderful!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. Rebecca Acker says 1.28.16

    Why did this giveaway end so fast? 🙁

    • graceatwood says 1.28.16

      Because I’m an idiot and messed up the widget setup. 🙂 Sorry about that, it should be working now!!

  3. Olivia - Baubles to Bubbles says 1.28.16

    Your place is looking great, and I love your Day of the Dead pieces!

    Baubles to Bubbles

  4. Courtney says 1.28.16

    I love your Day of the Dead skull!! The white and blue is so pretty!


  5. Emily B. says 1.28.16

    I would definitely get one of the baby alpaca throws. I’ve been looking for a luxurious throw to put on the end of my bed.

  6. Lisa says 1.28.16

    Love the watercolor prints! So fun!

  7. Hillary Macias says 1.28.16

    I love your day of the dead skull! My family is Spanish so we celebrate every year. Your place looks amazing – love reading your blog every morning. 🙂

  8. Abby says 1.28.16

    I would get the Day of the Dead skull. I absolutely love the meaning behind it (and am also obsessed with blue and white!)

  9. Meredith says 1.28.16

    I would get some artwork for my (very bare) walls!

  10. Jamie says 1.28.16

    Sometimes we need a little snow and cold to get things done around the home! Love all the pieces you have showcased…edgy without overdoing it.

    Jamie of Hello There, Lady!

  11. Emily says 1.28.16

    I’d definitely get one of the framed textiles!!

  12. Ellie says 1.28.16

    Ooo I think I would get a juju hat if I could convince my fiancee. Otherwise, lots of blue and white would find its way to our home 🙂

  13. Thuy says 1.28.16

    It was cool to learn what you collect. Now I’m wondering if I collect anything?

    Also, I love to take momentos from my travels with me. Stuff that doesn’t look too exotic but just enough to hint at being a travel item and symbolic. i.e. My coasters from China. They’re not too in your face but they could be a conversation piece.


  14. Elyse G. says 1.28.16

    I love love love the blue otomi print. *fingers crossed* http://shop.stfrank.com/products/blue-otomi-statement

  15. Rachel @ Smiles and Gold Miles says 1.28.16

    Your pictures make me want to re do my whole apartment. It is soo cute!

    I love how simple, yet homey, and sophisticated your apartment looks.

    Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  16. Marty C. says 1.28.16

    I’d get the Haik I or Haik II art textiles — so cool!

  17. Katie C. says 1.28.16

    Definitely the St Frank x Mignone Gavigan wrap! and maybe a coffee table book.

  18. Erin Ellis says 1.28.16

    I would buy a few of their fab Indigo pillows! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  19. Andi says 1.28.16

    Obsessed with that skull! I would probably get it in b&w though. PS your vintage perfume bottles are AMAZING!

  20. Jess Zimlich says 1.28.16

    I’d get a throw!

  21. Erin J. says 1.28.16

    I love the Alpaca Throws!

  22. Lauren says 1.28.16

    I would get pillows or table linens. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Annie Reeves says 1.28.16

    Wahooo! Would love to pick up some fun accent-y type items to finish up my apartment!!

  24. MAYPA says 1.28.16


  25. Caroline says 1.28.16

    Your space looks gorgeous! I love all the patterns and textures, so cute!


  26. grace says 1.28.16

    I’d most likely get some really cute pillows for my apartment…it lacks fluffy pillows right now 🙂

  27. sara says 1.28.16

    the cable knit alpaca throw is calling my name.

  28. Shannon says 1.28.16

    I would get the Vintage Indigo pillow!

  29. CIRCE says 1.28.16


  30. Hilliary says 1.28.16

    I’m such a sucker for anything blue and white too!

  31. Lillian says 1.28.16

    I have been dying for a Juju Hat!! I’d put it above my bed, which is just a blank wall right now.

  32. Brooke says 1.28.16

    I love the lip print!!

  33. JULIE TARDI says 1.28.16

    It as hard to pick but I’d go with framed textiles!!

  34. Eva @ All Books Considered says 1.28.16

    oh I would definitely get the TURKISH KILIM XII rug!!

  35. Ellie says 1.28.16

    I love the framed indigo prints–so beautiful for my bedroom 🙂

    Thank you for introducing me to this awesome website!

  36. Esmeralda says 1.28.16

    I love the juju hat III!!

  37. Shannon Weel says 1.28.16

    I would get a collection of gorgeous pillow from the site, I love the Kantha Pillow and the Vintage Indigo Pillow.

  38. Rachel says 1.28.16

    You have fun taste in artwork (love the lips!)

  39. CAITIE says 1.28.16

    I would buy the Juju hat and the glass beads from Ghana!

  40. colleen says 1.28.16

    i love the juju hat!

  41. Kristen says 1.28.16

    I collect vintage soda bottles. I agree, it’s so fun to have a collection to add too when antiquing! your place looks great.

  42. linda says 1.28.16

    the vintage pieces are great!

  43. Kim Pincombe Cole says 1.28.16

    If I won, I’d get one of those gorgeous baby alpaca throws & a silk ikat pillow!!!

  44. Merritt Beck says 1.28.16

    Love all the wall art pieces! And those vintage perfume bottles are so classic.

    The Style Scribe

  45. Jordan says 1.28.16

    this is so funny. before this week i had never heard of st. frank but my friend recently emailed me a link to their store and i pinned a whole bunch of stuff last night! small world.

    i agree she has a wonderful eye – my top choice would be the navy leopard pillow!!! but it would be hard to choose!!!

    fingers crossed!!!

  46. Lindsey says 1.28.16

    I love the indigo pillows!!

  47. Nicole Michelle says 1.28.16

    I would buy some throw blankets!!

  48. amy says 1.28.16

    I would, without a doubt, scoop up the Cactus Silk Rug II from Morocco- gorgeous!!

  49. Lindsay says 1.28.16

    I am drooling over the Alpaca throws!

  50. Jennifer Hayden says 1.28.16

    I LOVE the CABLE KNIT ALPACA THROW. Looks perfect in this chilly weather.

  51. Christina says 1.28.16

    i think i’d have to go with one of the framed textiles. so pretty!

  52. Erin says 1.28.16

    I love the Kantha pillows!!!! And the otomi tablecloth! And the day of the dead skull! I’d probably end up going with new pillows!

  53. Holly says 1.28.16

    The framed textiles are divine, loving Textile Label V and Blue Otomi!

  54. Laura Kathleen says 1.28.16

    Love the little details in your apartment, so cute! And St. Frank is so well curated, I’ve definitely lusted over some things on that site a couple of times!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  55. ashley e says 1.28.16

    So many good pieces to choose from! Three favorites:
    1. The baby alpaca throw in camel (forever piece!)
    2. The framed grey otomi
    3. Kilim pillow iv


  56. rust says 1.28.16

    So many beautiful wallpapers! I especially like the Caitlin McGauley Trumpet Vine Wallpaper. Thank you!

  57. Shannon says 1.28.16

    FUN! Could definitely use some fun pieces in my place.

  58. Tina W says 1.29.16

    I adore the Juju hats, but with 4 cats I know it would be too much of a temptation for them. So I think I would splurge and get myself the lovely blue Otomi tablecloth.

  59. corinne says 1.29.16

    I would get a picture to hang above my bed. Thanks!

  60. Maggie says 1.29.16

    I love the Otomi textiles as well as the juju hats!

  61. Rebecca B says 1.29.16

    I love the Fruit Tree Cake Topper!

  62. Pat Schwab says 1.29.16

    I love the texture on the Juju hats and I could use some prosperity and luck. Their glass beads are gorgeous. Thanks, Pat S

  63. christin says 1.29.16

    how have i never heard of st. frank? that is shameful! and of course, your apartment looks wonderful. i really love the day of the dead skull. white and blue makes it so chic!

    • graceatwood says 1.29.16

      friend, that is shameful! esp as they are a SF brand. glad i could remedy that for you!! 😉 xoxo

  64. Alexa says 1.29.16

    I love the baby alpaca throws!

  65. Kendall says 1.29.16

    Definitely curtains, i don’t have any right now!

  66. Ann Howell Bullard says 1.29.16

    I’d have to do a juju hat! Or a kilim, or a dia de los muertos skull. 🙂

  67. Julie says 1.29.16

    Love those textiles!

  68. Ashley says 1.29.16


  69. Lauren says 1.29.16

    What a great ecom website – I love the juju hat! they are amazing 🙂

  70. erica says 1.29.16

    i would love a colorful textile print for above my couch!!

  71. Lara says 1.29.16

    I have always wanted some otomi pieces and I noticed they are bringing some back! Also I like the idea of the juju hat on the wall. I am moving back to Houston soon from Austin so it would be nice to freshen things up!

  72. Maureen says 1.29.16

    I love the blue & white framed textile. Very fresh against the pale pink walls!

  73. Anne says 1.29.16

    Ohhhh I’d love to get one of those juju hats!

  74. Kate says 1.29.16

    This couldn’t be timelier. I’m SO in need of some adult décor updates! I’d look for some large format art or textiles to hang on the wall. My guest bedroom could really use a statement piece.

  75. Jenny S says 1.29.16


  76. Alex T says 1.29.16

    I love the gift sets – the pampered mademoiselle looks awesome!

  77. jillian says 1.29.16

    love the modern indigo pillows! xo jillian

  78. Emily R. says 1.29.16

    I would get one of the framed infant Ikat robes!

  79. Maybeth says 1.29.16

    I love St. Frank! If I won, I would purchase the Blue Tulip Suzani to hang above my bed. Thanks for the chance!

  80. Kara says 1.29.16

    Gosh, anything! The wall pouf is pretty outstanding though

  81. Jaclyn says 1.29.16

    I love the organic indigo print! Great giveaway! My walls are in desperate need of beautiful decor!

  82. Mary says 1.29.16

    I love St Frank’s and would be happy with anything from their site!

  83. Emily C says 1.29.16

    I’m sweating the blue Otomi piece…love the framed textiles!

  84. Robin says 1.29.16

    The heather blue alpaca throw is gorgeous! I’m in love with all things blue.

  85. Julia Hickman says 1.29.16

    The baby alpaca throws looks super cozy…and I love your vintage perfume bottles 🙂


  86. Cy says 1.29.16

    Fun to see inside your space!

  87. Starla says 1.29.16

    Oh my goodness- this would be such a dream come true! If I won I would definitely dive in for the Pangden iPhone 6 Case and also I really love the Summer Striped Pottery – Set of Two! Fingers crossed! xx

  88. Anita Carol Gambrell says 1.29.16

    I would get a couple http://shop.stfrank.com/products/kantha-pillow-grey and a couple of the alpaca throws

  89. Sean says 1.29.16

    I’d love to get the Cable Knit Alpaca Throw – French Blue and the Vintage Indigo Pillow VIII. So very GORGEOUS!

  90. Alina says 1.29.16

    The ORGANIC INDIGO – Print Edition and the HAVANA MODERN coffee table book would be my choices.

  91. Sheronda says 1.29.16

    We definitely share a love of blue & white! There is something so peaceful about the two colors combined. Love how your space is coming together.

    I would get the Blue Otomi Tablecloth…”Bird” is my nickname, so it’s perfect. And I’d throw in a Day of the Dead skull too.

  92. Stafford says 1.29.16

    Stunning items, I must say. I’d love the BLUE OTOMÍ TABLECLOTH, the SUMMER STRIPED POTTERY – Set of Two and CABLE KNIT ALPACA PILLOW.

  93. Lauren says 1.29.16

    So many beautiful items!
    Masai tablecloth
    a coffee table book
    Glass beads
    Accent sized print

  94. Samantha says 1.29.16

    I love all the cool details! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway as well! — SC at http://www.samanthachic.com

  95. Ashley B. says 1.29.16

    I’d love to get a Baby Alpaca Throw and some accent pillows. Everything on their site it beautiful!

  96. Rachel says 1.29.16

    I adore the updates to the apartment! I am also a fan of the blue and white and the day of the dead skull is really a perfect fit. I am happy to see an inspiration board too! I am also working on one for my place.


  97. Tammy Horn says 1.29.16

    Oh wow, I would get a couple Baby Alpaca throws. Have always wanted one.

  98. Kim Henrichs says 1.29.16

    I would love to get a cable knit alpaca throw and a modern indigo pillow!

  99. Jenn says 1.29.16

    Holy moly everything is gorgeous!! I would so splurge on that JUJU Hat. What a bold statement piece with a great story!

  100. Kenya F says 1.29.16

    I would get the Baby Alpaca Throw in Creme and put it on my new couch. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!

  101. Holly says 1.30.16

    Would definitely get one of those great prints!

  102. Annette says 1.30.16

    I’d get the PAMPERED MADEMOISELLE set.

  103. Olivia DeFilippo says 1.30.16

    I love this!! There are so many things to choose from.

  104. Melinda says 1.30.16

    I love the Juju hat to add texture to a wall! Though there are so many options it would be hard to decide!

  105. Alex says 1.30.16

    The Juju hat!

  106. wendy sue says 1.30.16

    Love the Juju hats, and I think the Pangden print would be great in my living room!

  107. molli says 1.30.16

    Very nice!

  108. Mary says 1.30.16

    All of the rugs, especially the Dhurrie II rug from India, are amazing! I have a bright red/orange couch that is hard to match, but I think the black and white pattern would work great!

  109. Jenna O says 1.30.16

    I love their watercolor prints!:)

  110. Vicki Wurgler says 1.30.16

    I’d get the pillows vintage indigo X and lX

  111. Christie Shepard says 1.30.16

    I would buy one of the stunning framed textiles from Laos or Senegal! XO

  112. Erin F says 1.30.16

    Loving the framed textiles

  113. Courtney says 1.30.16

    I would totally get a juju hat. Or one of the blue and white tulip pieces from Uzebekistan. The hat would be the perfect accent for my bedroom wall!

    • Courtney says 1.30.16

      I totally spelled Uzbekistan wrong. Sorry!

  114. Jessica Adamcik says 1.31.16

    I love the glass beads from Ghana…great summer accessory!!!

  115. Katie says 1.31.16

    I love the pillows and throws! So unique and beautiful.

  116. Justine says 1.31.16

    I just moved into my first *real* apartment. No old furniture, no sublease…all mine! Well and my boyfriend’s too! Who knew he would be so difficult when it came to picking out our decor! I love the site and I feel like there is a nice balance of what I will pick out and what he will approve of!

  117. Lindsay says 1.31.16

    really like the blue otomi piece

  118. Julia says 1.31.16

    I would buy the Uzbek Trellised Suzani print; what a great splash of color for any space! Reminds me of the colorfully printed bags I saw in the markets in Bangkok.

  119. Cynthia Richardson says 1.31.16


  120. Calli says 1.31.16

    Beautiful. I love the Blue Tulip Suzani

  121. Dianne Hall says 1.31.16

    A watercolor print! Thank you!

  122. Kenny says 2.1.16

    I would choose some pillows or maybe the baby alpaca throw!

  123. Sarah says 2.1.16

    I would love it all . Frames thank you

  124. Rachel says 2.1.16

    that skull is so awesome! I have a skull collection and I would def buy that

  125. Elisabeth says 2.1.16

    The place looks great! I would love some of those decor options in my space!

  126. Jen St says 2.1.16

    that day of the dead skull is amazing… i’m obsessed!

  127. Denise K. says 2.2.16

    I love the alpaca throws. So beautiful.

  128. Nicki Joseph says 2.2.16

    I love the indigo pillow

  129. Tanya N says 2.2.16

    The throw pillows are unique; I really like the colors of the Ikat one to contrast on my neutral couch!

  130. Abbey says 2.2.16

    In love with the framed textile you have!! I would def get that!!

  131. Kenny says 2.3.16

    I love the pillows and framed textiles

  132. Andrea Darst says 2.4.16

    I love the CABLE KNIT ALPACA THROW – Mocha!