An Easy Summer Rosé Punch.

easy summer rosé punch | the stripe

I used to do more cocktail recipes and would like to bring that back, as I love experimenting with fruit and booze and mixers to make something really delicious. Recently, my cousin came over for drinks so I decided to whip up something light and summery. This is perfect if you (like me) have zero tolerance and want something light but love the idea of sitting outside with a delicious pitcher of something.

Rosé Punch Recipe:

It’s simple. Take a bottle of rosé (I used Summer Water), and add a bunch of ice. Cut 3 peaches up into little chunks (like you are making sangria) and fill the rest of the pitcher up with seltzer (usually about a half a bottle). Let it chill in the fridge until company arrives, and then let everyone appreciate you for the effort you made (zero effort but who needs to know).

(The pitcher + tumblers came from Amanda Lindroth – obsessed with their new-ish home + tabletop collection!)

peaches + rosé = the most delicious summer punch! how to make a refreshing summer cocktail, perfect for the patio! An Easy Summer Rosé Punch Recipe | The Stripe


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  1. Love how photogenic these are! Perfect for summer (and Instagram!) 😉

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Tori says 7.18.18

    Gah! This looks amazing! I will be trying it out during our next rooftop gathering!

  3. Maggie says 7.19.18

    I made this on Sunday evening after seeing your story on IG!! It felt great not to actually feel like I’d had half a bottle of wine!!

  4. Fortune Dushey says 7.19.18

    Love rose, love peaches love this idea! And… super easy!!!

  5. Hannah says 7.19.18

    Yum–these look sooo tasty! Only seven more hours until 5 o’clock…

    xx Hannah //

  6. Leslie R says 7.19.18

    Making this for the weekend! So easy and who doesn’t love sangria?


    • grace at the stripe says 7.19.18

      It’s the best! (But it’s actually pretty different from sangria -sangria is much sweeter, and much stronger!) xo