An Affordable Floral Dress for Fall.

Ella Moon Dress
dress // bag // heels

How was your weekend? Mine was so nice. I had a fun party on Friday night, saw my sister and brother in law on Sunday, had dinner with Merritt, and in between that was just pretty chill. (I watched the entire series of Sharp Objects – the ENDING WAS NUTS, let’s please discuss!) Since I traveled so much this summer I’ve been making a point to leave weekends a bit open and not make very many plans. It felt so luxurious waking up on Saturday without a thing on my calendar!

I love a good maxi dress this time of year but they can add up! It’s rare to find one of decent quality for under $100. Enter this little number from Ella Moon. Love. I unbuttoned a few of the top & bottom buttons to make it a little less prim. Perfection! I bought it on Amazon. We’ve talked about buying clothes on Amazon (it’s intimidating) but I’ve been having a lot of luck there lately. (You’re probably so sick of it by now but I also bought my pearl bag there – the quality is fantastic and it’s a dead ringer for the $700 Shrimps version.) Later this week I’ll have another “best of” roundup with lots of cute fashion finds (and these glass straws – total sidebar but I drink everything out of them – they’re amazing and definitely the best $8 I’ve spent!)

The other thing to briefly discuss are these heels. They RULE. So comfy and I love the tortoise block heel. I included them in my fall shoe guide but I’m really into this designer; all of the styles are gorgeous (and Meghan Markle is a fan too, so there’s that!)

Outfit Details: Ella Moon Dress // Miuco Pearl Bag (obsessed) // Lele Sadoughi Earrings // Sarah Flint Heels // Karen Walker Sunglasses

Ella Moon Dress - The Stripe

Ella Moon Dress - The Stripe Lele Sadoughi Earrings Ella Moon Dress - The Stripe Outfit Details: Ella Moon Dress // Miuco Pearl Bag (obsessed) // Lele Sadoughi Earrings // Sarah Flint Heels // Karen Walker Sunglasses Outfit Details: Ella Moon Dress // Miuco Pearl Bag (obsessed) // Lele Sadoughi Earrings // Sarah Flint Heels // Karen Walker Sunglasses Miuco Pearl Bag

Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. Seems like you had a great weekend! So happy to hear you enjoyed it. 🙂 I’ve haven’t watched Sharp Objects myself yet, but I’ve read the book… I can’t even remember how it ends, though, haha!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    10.15.18 Reply
  2. This is such a beautiful dress! I love this entire outfit – so perfect for fall!

    xx Chelsea

    10.15.18 Reply
  3. Anna:

    Hi, Grace! First of all, I just wanted to say I love love love your blog. I don’t think I’ve missed a post in at least five years. With that as my disclaimer, I hope you don’t take the rest of my comment the wrong way, but I’m just still very skeptical of shopping for clothes on Amazon. You’re right, it is very intimidating and the functionality isn’t great, so why would I shop there instead of my usual sites (Nordstrom, Shopbop, etc.) that I KNOW have a well-curated selection, excellent customer service and that I can even use Prime with? I just haven’t found a compelling reason to do so. Also, whenever I notice a lot of bloggers posting about something (like shopping on Amazon), it makes me feel skeptical and unsure if it’s a sincere recommendation. Do you see there being a day when you exclusively utilize Amazon over your usual shopping sites? The contrast between the two experiences are just so vastly different to me. Just food for thought, I suppose.

    10.15.18 Reply
    • Hey Anna! Totally get it, you should shop where you want! (This dress was only available on Amazon, otherwise I would have linked to it other places).

      I can’t make you see without touching the dress how awesome it is, so I get that you might not think it’s sincere but it is GREAT… and believe me I still do a ton of shopping at my regular spots (Nordstrom, Shopbop, Bloomie’s, etc!) but have started shopping for clothes more there this year and have really liked it. There are things I’ve had to return because the quality was just so so, but when it’s on Amazon Prime it’s just so easy! I also, as a blogger, see it as a bit of an adventure – whenever I find something really amazing (like the pearl bag) it’s a win for both me and my readers.

      The reason I’ve been linking to both Amazon and Target more often has actually been because of my readers! You guys tend to click on and respond really well to these, so I want to show more items from both retailers.

      It’s your call where you shop – I can’t make you trust me or my recommendations… I only have my track record. I take my blog and my word so seriously which is why I only write about and feature things I think are really good here and think you guys will all enjoy. Reader trust is the most important thing to me so all I really have to go on is my reputation for providing quality recommendations. In 9 years of blogging I’ve never had a reader tell me I’ve steered them wrong.

      Lastly no, I will never utilize Amazon exclusively. I love shopping there but Nordstrom is still my #1 favorite place to shop if we’re being honest, as is Shopbop, and I also love finding cool newer boutiques. Hope that clarifies and feel free to email me ( if you have any more questions!

      10.15.18 Reply
      • Anna:

        Thanks so much for the thoughtful response, Grace!! I do hope I didn’t come across as though I was questioning your integrity or how seriously you take your recommendations, as I do really trust what you write. I was just genuinely curious what your thoughts were on it! That makes a lot of sense, particularly your comment on it being an adventure. I agree that it will definitely be interesting to see how Amazon’s fashion section evolves. I really appreciate your candor and response!

        10.15.18 Reply
  4. Dana Mannarino:

    This dress and those shoes….AMAZING!
    Happy Monday, Grace! x

    The Champagne Edit

    10.15.18 Reply
  5. This is such a beautiful and nice color of dresses! I love this entire outfit .

    10.15.18 Reply
  6. Nikki:

    Grace, your earrings are divine!!!

    10.15.18 Reply
  7. Nikki:

    Your earrings are divine!!!

    10.15.18 Reply