Amazon Prime Day Big Deals.

Amazon Prime Day Big Deals

It’s time for another very big Amazon sale! Today kicks off their Prime Day Big Deals Event, which is basically Prime Day but for fall. A pre Black Friday bonanza to kick off the gift giving season. As an Amazon affiliate (I earn a small percentage of every sale made), I got a preview of what would be on sale. I spent hours (and hours!) perusing hundreds of pages of deals to narrow it down to just the very very best. I hope it is helpful, and that you are able to get a nice jump on your holiday shopping. That’s my plan!!!! A reminder that you can only shop these deals if you are a Prime member. On the off chance you are not, you can sign up here.

ALSO! As with this past summer’s event, I have pledged to donate 50% of today’s Amazon affiliate revenue to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. This was chosen by the Facebook group (I always put it to a group vote over there) and I really love this suggestion as we haven’t done a fundraiser for them yet. It is also timely. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and 1 in 3 women will experience some form of physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

One last thing: this post was written and planned before the heartbreaking attacks on Israel. Separate from this, yesterday I made a donation to American Friends of Magen David Adom, who is providing on the ground relief and medical supplies. I encourage you to donate if you are in a position to do so.

Amazon Prime Day Big Deals


There is so much to talk about here. As with past Prime Day events, the beauty deals are always the best part. This lip mask from Laneige is year after year, my Prime Day best seller, and for good reason: it’s fantastic! It also makes an incredible stocking stuffer! We all know by now that this is the best travel toiletry bag (it’s seriously awesome!). Two other no-miss items for me would be my favorite neck cream (buying another jar) and my beloved ice roller (nothing is better especially during the holidays when we are all a little tired). It instantly wakes up the skin and depuffs.

Also, I somehow missed that my favorite under eye gel masks are included in the sale. These are the ones that I called a dupe for the Bader ones. They’re good. Stock up. They are so affordable that I do them a few times a week.

Clothing & Accessories

I’m going to be honest, the clothing deals this fall are better than summer’s big event. There is a lot that I really love and a few things I’m planning to purchase. (Did I plan my cart ahead of time? But of course!) I am personally eyeing this striped crewneck and this polo sweater. There are three knit sets (this one, this one, and this one) that I absolutely LIVE in. This one is my absolute favorite for travel. But also: cozy slippers that look like ballet flats, a very cute handbag, perfect socks. (The socks are in my cart too – they’d make a great gift!).

One last minute add: I was gifted this very big canvas tote and love it. It doesn’t take up much space but it holds up to 50 pounds. Just really good when you need to haul a bunch of stuff (I use mine for Mahjong as the tiles and racks and pushers weigh a lot but it would be great for the beach, picnics, etc!).

Dyson + Bissell

Every time Amazon is having a big sale, my friends and family reach out to see if Dyson is having any deals. The answer is usually no. This time around, the answer is YES! So many great Dyson vacuums are on sale, the air purifier too! I have this vacuum and love it so much. I didn’t think I could ever love vacuuming; this changes that. Which is a good thing as I have two cats and their fur is everything. Speaking of cats, this carpet and furniture cleaner is the greatest ever. Gets up all the worst messes.


This category is sort of a catch all for all good things that aren’t fashion and beauty related. I am really happy to see some great toys included (my niece is going to love this Play-Doh set! If you don’t have a Vitamix (my favorite appliance haha) now is a good time to take the plunge. And I know it is silly but I love this onion chopper so much. It’s really made the prep work part of cooking so much easier (and enjoyable: onions make me cry!!!).

There are also a few last minute additions! My beloved label maker. This thing is so great. I love mine. I now label everything. My beloved velvet jewelry case for travel (this would be an amazing gift, buy a few!!). My beloved velvet hangers. These are all I use, I love that they keep my clothes from falling off, fit more clothing, and look uniform. Also… boring but necessary: glass storage containers! These are a great price. Lastly, my foot massager. I feel like such an old woman sometimes but this is my favorite thing ever. Really helps my sore feet!

Last but not least: the Apple Watch (love mine) and Airpods (the best) are both on sale today as well.

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. I only feature things I truly love here. Thanks for your support.

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  1. Hannah:

    I ordered the Food Storage Set you featured (I am buying a new house- this will be perfect in my new kitchen! Yay!). I also found Prime Day Deals on my favorite sports drink & a new pair of New Balance Running Shoes I needed! THANK YOU! XO.

    10.10.23 Reply
  2. Emily:

    Hi Grace! The attacks in Israel were heartbreaking, but I would strongly encourage you to research a bit more about the issues in the Middle East. Israel has essentially set up a concentration camp situation in Gaza. They bomb Gazan civilians all the time. They will destroy apartment buildings and then say, Oh, you should get out. But people in Gaza can’t leave.

    I am in no way saying what Hamas did was correct, but it is not very black and white, especially for the civilians of Gaza. Their lives are heartbreaking.

    10.10.23 Reply
    • Sara:

      Sorry, Emily, but now is not the time to “both sides” this issue.
      Thank you, Grace, for your mention of the atrocities happening in Israel and your generous donation. It is so moving to me as a Jewish reader. It literally made me cry this morning.

      10.10.23 Reply
      • Shelley:

        Of course it is. My husband’s family is Muslim and they have told me about the atrocities against Palestine by Israel. There are usually two sides to everything. No one is making light of these atrocities but seeing the full picture and learning the history is important to understanding what is going on.

        10.13.23 Reply