All Wrapped Up…

I’ve really gotten into the holiday spirit this year.  This our first year having a Christmas tree.  We had the best time trimming it… from ornament shopping together to the silver tinsel garland (I was originally opposed, but it has grown on me!)  And thanks to Midori Ribbon, my gifts have never looked prettier.

More, after the page break.

Midori Ribbon sent me their Eiffel Tower and White/Gold Pineapple Wrapping Paper.  For ribbon, they sent me their Red / Cream Ascot ribbon, and their silk dupioni ribbon in Trance Green.  All of the paper and ribbon is of the utmost quality – thick, handmade paper, silky ribbon, etc.  The Eiffel Tower is my favorite…  having been in Paris a few months ago, it brings back happy memories.
The holidays have been a little bit stressful this year, but looking at our decorations make me happy.  I’m going to be so sad when it’s time for the tree to come down!

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