Alexandria, VA

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I headed to the DC area to see some of his family and a few of our friends.  We were actually in Alexandria, Virginia; which has the nicest ring to it.  I’ve visited DC before, but never Alexandria.  Friday night was spent with family, and on Saturday night we stayed at the Lorien Hotel in Old Town.  I instantly fell in love with Old Town.  The quaint, tree-lined blocks… boutiques and wine shops lining the streets… and the mix of historic Americana with more contemporary art galleries and restaurants… it was the perfect place to spend a Fall weekend!
 {Crunchy Fall leaves felt like a novelty coming from the city!}
 {Spotted these plants in the boyfriend’s cousins’ neighborhood – beautiful, like feathers.}
 My absolute favorite part of blogging is the friendships that I’ve made.  The DC area has some amazing bloggers.  From left:  me, Lara from The Glossarie (we met at FABB,) Liz from So Much to Smile About (I’ve been reading her blog for over a year,) and Marta from Martafacts – one of my very first friends on twitter… I still can’t remember how we found each other!  We met up at Brabo for wine – it was so much fun finally meeting up after reading their blogs for so long!
 {Delicious onion soup at Le Refuge}
More…after the jump
 {An amazing brunch at Vermillion.}

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  1. Sari G:

    I just found your blog from Real Simple magazine. I’m so excited to see you were in Alexandria. Such a cute town. I’m definitely going to be following your blog!

    11.23.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      aw thank you!!! I’m happy you found me! xx

      11.24.14 Reply