Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Travel Essentials.

Affordable Travel Essentials, all for under $100 - The Stripe.


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We’re back with round two of Kelly’s Chic under $100! I’m Grace’s editorial assistant, Kelly, and will be rounding up some of my favorite things (with a tighter budget in mind) every Tuesday. In case you missed it last week, check out round one: cozy sweaters under $100. Today, I’m talking about my favorite travel essentials, whether it’s for work or play!

I’m frequently on the go with my 9-to-5, and this year I’ll be spending about 90 days flying between NYC, Milan, Paris, and LA… which means a lot of plane time. Some of my in-flight essentials include a rose-scented hydrating mist, a pretty iPad case, and an oversized camel scarf that works overtime as a blanket on the plane.
As I’m generally in Europe (I’m actually writing this from Paris… rough, I know), I need a lot of converters, a mobile iPhone charger, and a hairdryer that won’t blow a fuse (or take up a lot of room in my suitcase). I also tend to have a hard time with jet lag, but this sleep spray & aromatic balm help me adjust quickly and naturally, and this face balm works overnight magic on stressed-out skin.

What are some of your favorite travel must-haves?

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  1. Those shoe bags are adorable! I need to stock up on some of these items for my upcoming honeymoon!

    1.26.16 Reply
  2. LOVE this series!!!

    1.26.16 Reply
  3. Sasha:

    I need This beautiful phone charger!

    1.26.16 Reply
  4. M:
    1.26.16 Reply
  5. I’m loving that bag!

    1.26.16 Reply
  6. So jealous of all that travel! I need to get a hydrating spray, I travel a lot for work and I hate how dry my skin gets.

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    1.26.16 Reply
  7. Cy:

    Great list! Good tip about the oversized scarf. I always bring a pashmina in my carry-on. Anything not to touch those yucky blankets! And of course it’s chic

    1.27.16 Reply
  8. How about a multi-port USB charger? It can help you charge all your devices at once.

    2.5.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      That’s an awesome idea!

      2.5.16 Reply