Aether Cone Giveaway.


I am sort of a creature of habit when it comes to my music. Up until more recently I religiously downloaded all of my favorite songs, synched ’em with my iPhone, and then played music off of a speaker from my phone at home. This is fine and good, except for two key things: 1) Buying all of the music is expensive, especially as my taste can be fleeting and I find myself bored and wanting a new playlist a few weeks later… and 2) It’s really hard to discover new stuff this way.

More recently, Aether reached out to me to see if I’d like to try their cone player. From an aesthetics perspective alone, I was intrigued. The cone was something I wanted to have on my coffee table. (I went with black+rose gold, but they also have a sleek white+silver version.) It’s really quite pretty!

But what really impressed me was the experience I’ve had with my cone. Aether brands the cone “the thinking music player,” and that’s exactly what it is. The cone listens and decodes your behavior… the more you use it, the better it gets at playing your favorite songs. Give the cone a small swipe if you kinda sorta aren’t into what it’s playing… or a big swipe if you hate what it’s playing. Want something more specific? Hold down the center button and tell it the station or artist you want to hear. The voice command is positively ingenious.



Aether’s mission is to build things that remove the effort and frustration from daily life… I’d say they’ve done a great job.


As you can tell I may have fallen a little bit in love with this beautiful little gadget. Originally, this post was not set up to be a giveaway… but I loved mine so much that asked if we could layer one on and thankfully the team said yes! So… one lucky S&S reader (sorry, US readers only) will win their own Cone, valued at $399, as well as a free trial to Rdio. Just enter below, using the Rafflecopter widget (if you read this blog via a feed, you’ll need to click through to my actual site to enter.)



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to Aether for sponsoring this post!

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Leave a Comment


  1. jillian:

    so stylish and practical!

    12.18.14 Reply
  2. mystylevita:

    Well this is just too cute! Love the color combo too.

    xo Jessica

    12.18.14 Reply
  3. Julia Hickman:

    i don’t have twitter, but just wanted to comment here that this is a great giveaway! i’m in suchhh need of a cool speaker like this Aether one 🙂

    12.18.14 Reply
  4. Sasha:

    Noooo I was so happy reading about this giveaway but I’m not for US :(((

    12.18.14 Reply
  5. Lisa Rezner:

    I’ve been a loyal Rdio subscriber from the beginning and have been wanting the Aether cone since day one but no budget…pick me!!!!

    12.18.14 Reply
  6. Yvonne C.:

    Dynamite! I love a thinking Aetherite

    12.18.14 Reply
  7. Kelly:

    I think I love this little cone and want it in my life!

    12.18.14 Reply