Adding a Little Luxury to Your Work Trips.

Cambria Hotels around their "Travel Like a Boss" campaign

Traveling (whether it’s for work, vacation, or some combination of the two) is one of my greatest pleasures. This summer especially, I realized just how big (but also small) the world really is, and how much more of it I want to see! Through this blog I have been incredibly fortunate to get to go on some truly epic, luxurious trips. But traveling doesn’t have to mean staying in a five star hotel or flying first class. This is especially relevant for a work trip. 

This month I partnered up with Cambria Hotels around their “Travel Like a Boss” campaign. I attended a fun event (scroll down for photos) at the Cambria Hotel New York – Chelsea location and did a fun little overnight staycation. I love Cambria’s mentality of enjoying an “upscale but not uptight” experience and mini-luxuries without the guilt. The rooms are huge (yes even in Manhattan – hotel rooms can be teensy here and I was quite honestly blown away by how big the rooms are!), and they have fantastic amenities (a state of the art gym, open lobby spaces where you can take meetings or use the free WiFi, and heavy, luxurious towels and bedding in the rooms). They’re also popping up all over the country with locations in Nashville, New Orleans, Dallas, Philadelphia and many more!

Today, as a part of my partnership with Cambria, I’m sharing my best travel tips to help you travel like a boss!

Getting there…

always carry on! 

This is one of my most important tips! I’ve had my luggage lost a few too many times (the worst one being in Europe) so now I always carry on unless it’s a longer trip. I’m lucky in that I’ve never lost my luggage on a work trip but I can’t even imagine what a disaster that would be. And besides, the benefit here is being able to run off the plane and get into the taxi line before everyone else! It takes a bit of effort and planning but it’s totally worth it.

make your own first class amenities kit. 

Flying first class is amazing. But not something my everyday budget (or an employer’s budget – HA) will ever afford. So I always pack a few little amenities in my personal item (cashmere socks, a travel sized face mist, and an overnight face mask or heavy duty cream to lock in moisture – airplane air is the worst). Really though, it’s all about those cashmere socks! I also always pack snacks (KIND bars or RX Bars, and a little piece of chocolate in case I get a craving).

have a travel uniform.

Until more recently I usually wore yoga pants and a hoodie on the plane. There’s nothing wrong with this but I will say it does feel nice to step off the plane feeling at least a little polished. You’re looking at my go-to uniform in this post. I love Eileen Fisher’s easy (washable) separates. They’re just as comfy as pajamas or sweats but could be worn straight into a meeting or the office if need be. I top the whole look off with a long cashmere cardigan. Cozy but still polished; it even works on a red-eye flight!

When You Arrive…

treat yourself to a welcome treat.

 When I am traveling for business, I’m usually a little bit stressed out. I mean aren’t we all? By the time you get to your destination, you’re tired, your inbox is probably overflowing, and you are likely looking a little bit haggard. Upon checking into my room I like to call downstairs and order (depending on my mood) a big bottle of sparkling water, a half-bottle of wine, and/or a cheese plate. I will usually give myself til that arrives to answer emails and tackle any high-stress work stuff, and then once the treat arrives, I unpack my entire suitcase. Even if it is just a one or two night trip, having all of my things hung and put away instantly puts my mind at ease. And doing this while having a delicious bite or sip of wine is always really nice.

bring the spa with you!

If you’re traveling for work you’re probably not going to have time to hit the spa… but you can still squeeze in a bit of pampering! I always get asked how I handle carry on my beauty products. I save up my sample sized beauty products just for traveling (think Birchbox, the little samples you always get in Sephora, etc). It’s convenient and takes up very little space AND it’s fun, because you get to try new things while you are away. Cambria Hotels have huge, spa-like bathrooms (and super heavy, soft towels). Bring your own sheet mask and a few high-end beauty samples and treat yourself to a little pampering that night.

While You Are There…

work out every day. 

Especially if I have flown or am dealing with jet lag, my body can get so out of whack when I travel! I find that the one thing that always helps to get my body back on track is exercise. So I make it a point to get to the gym every day (even just for 30 minutes) when I travel. Cambria has a great fitness center. I usually do an Aaptiv treadmill workout and stretch. If I’m really beat I’ll just do a quick Yoga With Adriene video in my room (the rooms are big enough to manage this!)

Created in partnership with Cambria Hotels. Photography by Carter Fish.

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  1. I’ve yet to go on work trips overseas, but these are awesome way to take advantage of the amenities! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.14.18 Reply
  2. Kelly:

    Can you share your travel bag brand?

    9.14.18 Reply
  3. I always carry on, too! I bring my samples along, but if I want to bring something specific that I’m currently loving, I just pop into Sephora and ask for a sample or two to take along with me and they always oblige!

    9.14.18 Reply
  4. Cindy:

    Can you share more deets on the travel uniform? I travel a ton and am still struggling to find a go-to that looks and feels good for a long haul flight!

    9.14.18 Reply
  5. Katie:

    Can you please share links to the outfits you’re wearing? Thank you!

    9.14.18 Reply
  6. Katie:

    I just made a great discovery re travel snacks!

    If you live near a Trader Joe’s, pick up their Spanish Cheese Tapas sampler (I guess if you don’t like Spanish cheese this isn’t for you, but try it again, it’s soooo good!) and some water crackers. Also grapes can be nice! When you’re on the plane, this will feel so luxurious, and is half the price of the cheese and cracker boxes they sell at airports and so much more delicious!

    9.14.18 Reply
  7. Grace,

    I love everything that you post. But your traveling and book posts are my favorite. This hotel looks amazing. Thanks to you I will add it on my list of places to stay. Great tips on making business travel more comfortable.


    9.14.18 Reply
  8. Alison:

    Hi, Grace. Will you be linking the items you mention in your first class amenities kit (cashmere socks, especially) you mention in the post?

    9.14.18 Reply
  9. Absolutely bookmarking this post. I love it so much!

    9.14.18 Reply
  10. kimberly chesky:

    how many days of outfits, can you pack in that bag?

    9.14.18 Reply
  11. David | Essential Oil Blog:

    Great tips, Grace! I travel frequently as well, and have 1 extra stuff I would carry as well – breath spray. The air in airplane is usually dry and I find it really embarrassing sometimes to be talking to people, not knowing if it’s a bad breathe or not. Haha.

    1.27.19 Reply