A Week in Sweden with Sky Ting Yoga + Six Travel!

If you follow along on social media, then you know that last week I was in Sweden with Sky Ting Yoga and Six Travel! We stayed in the most amazing glass house on a private island (Grötskär!) in the archipelago off of Stockholm. It was such a cool experience.

Six Travel generously hosted us for the week (my only expense was my flight) and I was really just super honored to be included in an amazing mix of cool, creative, influential movers and shakers. I made some great new friends and had the best time. If you read here regularly you know I’m at Sky Ting almost every day. It’s far and away my favorite yoga studio and to get to do yoga twice a day with the founders (Krissy and Chloe) was a dream. Especially after a rather gluttonous summer. I’d definitely overindulged quite a bit toward the end of the summer so I was really grateful for a healthy break!

The reason Six Travel planned this trip for us is exciting, too.

They are relaunching their app (which is an amazing way to book luxury travel at the best available rate) and it’s going to include retreats!! I get asked a lot how I find my yoga retreats and it’s always just through teachers I know and really like. I couldn’t imagine investing all that time and money into booking a retreat with a teacher that I didn’t already know and trust, but I know I’m lucky: not everyone (especially those of you living outside New York) has access to a studio like Sky Ting or a studio that regularly books retreats. My mom for example, has an amazing yoga studio on Cape Cod but they don’t host retreats. So this feature on the app will be really great for those looking to book a luxurious retreat with trusted, vetted studios and teachers like Krissy and Chloe.

Glass House in Sweden with Sky Ting Yoga + Six Travel!

The trip itself was so relaxing. With the exception of one day where we went into Stockholm for a day of shopping and a fancy dinner, we  stayed at the house the whole time.

My friends always ask what a typical day is like during a retreat so here it is!!!

We were usually up around 7:30/8 where we’d do a little work and eat breakfast. (I was so thankful that everyone else needed to work too – hate being that “lame” person on their laptop). And then around 8:30 we’d gather for about 2 hours of yoga and meditation. After that we’d eat a big hearty brunch around 11 or 12 and then it was free time. Depending on the day I’d nap, read, work, or do some mixture of both. Then it was back to the mat around 5 or 6 for another ninety minutes of yoga and meditation (or Pyro Tings – owwwww – abs, glutes, etc). Then we’d have a big healthy dinner and then it was usually bedtime! I’d do an hour or so of emails and then read a little. Usually fall asleep by 10 or 10:30.

So… LOTS of sleep, which was really nice!

A Week in Sweden A Week in Sweden

One of the best parts of going on a yoga retreat is always the FOOD. Viv was our chef for the week and every day she prepared beautiful, organic meals. I am presently trying very hard to continue eating like I’m a retreat but it isn’t easy when you have work and life and maybe aren’t the greatest cook in the world.


fruits A Week in Sweden with Sky Ting Yoga + Six Travel! yoga retreat with six travel and sky ting yoga yoga retreat with six travel and sky ting yoga working with chloe

Working on my forearm stand with the amazing (and v patient) Chloe!!!

A Week in Sweden with Sky Ting Yoga + Six Travel!

I mentioned above that we did have one day in Stockholm, which was really really nice.

We did a bit of shopping. Highlights included:

Vintage shopping at Lisa Larsson (we all lucked out!), a really cool boutique called Grandpa, and of course all things Acne Studios. Acne is all over Stockholm. Considerably less expensive than it is at home, and I may have done some damage.

But we had the most special dinner at Ett Hem. They opened up their farmers table just for us downstairs and served up a beautiful four course meal. (Complete with wine pairings which was a treat as the rest of the retreat was dry.) SUCH a highlight… If you visit Stockholm, definitely add it to your list and book with plenty of time in advance as it is a bit of a scene!

A Week in Sweden with Sky Ting Yoga + Six Travel | The Stripe A Week in Sweden with Sky Ting Yoga + Six Travel | The Stripe

garlic Food in Sweden A Week in Sweden with Sky Ting Yoga + Six Travel | The Stripe A Week in Sweden with Sky Ting Yoga + Six Travel | The Stripe

Killing us with partner planks. My core needed this!!!!

Six Travel Six Travel

Thank you to Six Travel for having me as your guest! (I was not required to post about the trip but I wanted to!!!)

Beautiful photos by Michaela Wissen.

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  1. So lucky, what a great trip, Grace! The dinners look so cosy as well 🙂 and I love the way you edited the photos too, is it a new filter? ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.26.18 Reply
    • Thanks Charmaine! I didn’t edit the photos – we had an amazing photographer on the trip and I know she made a lightroom preset for the photos (I stalked her as she edited them, she’s so talented!)

      9.26.18 Reply
  2. Brianna Rooney:

    wow, this really just looks so incredible – thank you for sharing with us! I am more relaxed just looking at the pictures.

    My aunt and I are looking into yoga retreats and you’re right, it’s tough to find one since I am pretty picky with my teachers.

    9.26.18 Reply
  3. Soo jealous! This looked like the most amazing time. Yoga more than once a day really is the dream. And these photos turned out so great, too! I’m thinking of trying an upside down (inversion type) workshop at my favorite yoga studio this Sunday 🙂

    9.26.18 Reply
    • Right? It is such a great.
      You should definitely try one! I did one a few months ago and it was so so helpful!!!!

      9.26.18 Reply
  4. Annie:

    Great sweater is amazing. Where did you find that? You look so pretty and fresh on your retreat!

    9.26.18 Reply
    • thank you! It’s old – Halogen from a few years back, a nordstrom anniversary sale find.

      9.26.18 Reply
  5. Rowena:

    What a beautiful trip! Glad you had this opportunity and thank you for sharing!

    9.26.18 Reply
  6. Becky:

    I read a few blogs daily – yours being one and A Cup of Jo being another. So fun to see a post about your sister on Joanna’s blog! You both have incredible apartments and great style! And I loved that she said stripes go with everything

    9.26.18 Reply
  7. Karuna:

    Hi there, sounds wonderful. My plan wpuld br from the 12.09 for a week??

    7.28.20 Reply