A Walk in the Park


Working out is just so much more fun when friends are involved.  I’ve been dragging my pals along to Core Fusion + Yoga for the past couple weeks and on Monday, Caroline and I met up for a little walk in the park.  If you had told me three or four months ago that my new social activity of choice would be working out with my girlfriends, I probably would have laughed in your face.  But it’s happening, and i’s awesome.  Anyway… we’re both wearing Old Navy Active here, and I gotta tell you – it’s great.  Take the little details on my leggings, for example.  And I must have ten of these tanks.  I used to be a Lululemon devotee but now nearly all of my gym clothes are from ON – I just don’t see the point spending the money when you can get something just as good for so much less.

PS – Another fun note about working out with friends – I just discovered Burn This.  You can track what classes your Facebook friends are going to – makes planning a breeze.

I’m wearing:  Old Navy Hoodie // Old Navy Tank // Old Navy Sports Bra (you can’t see it but it is great and only $8!) // Old Navy Leggings // Nike Sneakers (similar) // gifted Talbots Vest // Sparkly Soul Headband (my latest obsession, its so glittery!)






This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s latest fashion lineup in store or online at oldnavy.com.

photography by Bekka Palmer

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  1. Heidi:

    I love Sparkly Soul Headbands! They’re the only ones that stay put during a long run. My male running group friends seem to think I like them more for their sparkles, but even the guys admit that I don’t fuss with my headband while running. That’s saying something.


    1.15.14 Reply
  2. zina:

    This isn’t a comment to you, I still enjoy reading your sponsored posts, but it’s not terribly subtle when companies have all bloggers post about their products on the same day. When my newsfeed is suddenly full of girls in parks extolling the virtues of Old Navy it seems even less sincere than traditional advertising. I’m hoping you guys at BB see how silly it is.

    Great article on Everygirl yesterday, congratulations on the feature.

    1.15.14 Reply
  3. Irene Laura Buffa:

    Fab post!! Cool girl


    1.15.14 Reply
  4. nic:

    heart sparly soul! my friend from HS and her sis are geniuses for making those things. (love that they’re NY girls!!)

    1.15.14 Reply
  5. Emma Finlayson:

    I have been wearing Old Navy and Joe Fresh workout gear forever. Love them and I will be sticking with them, especially now that I am boycotting Lululemon.
    xo Emma

    1.15.14 Reply
  6. Chelsea Tubbs:

    I really need to get my workout routine under control this year. New gear always makes it more but and friends are definitely an added bonus!

    Chelsea & The City

    1.15.14 Reply
  7. Angela:

    I love ON workout gear! It’s so affordable. I always drool over more expensive brands, but can’t bring myself to spend $50 on a pair of leggings I’m just going to get all sweaty in. ON is the best!

    1.15.14 Reply
  8. Holly:

    You’re right – working out is more fun when it’s done with friends. My workout buddy wasn’t available last night – so I went to the gym by myself & it just wasn’t as fun 🙂 I checked out the ON site today and can’t believe how cute everything is for the price – really no need to spend a lot of money on workout gear when all you do is sweat in it anyways, right?!?

    1.15.14 Reply
  9. jacqlyn:

    Confession: Sometime I pack workout gear and totally skip out on the gym after work. eeeek. It’s time I reach out for backup! jacqlyn

    1.15.14 Reply
  10. Jordan {Queen of LA}:

    you look really cute with your hair in a pony + headband! i hate wearing my hair up but it suits you 🙂

    1.16.14 Reply
  11. Diana:

    I love those headbands! I mean, I love the look of them, going to check them out now!! I think my workout gear needs a little more sparkle!

    1.20.14 Reply