A Touch of Pink.


I am not particularly edgy or cool, and I’m 100% okay with that. I typically make fashion choices that are safe and maybe even a little bit boring, but I like to stick with things that work. But when Garnier approached me about trying out their new color styler, I jumped at the chance. I wanted pink hair, badly… (just as long as it would wash out!) I love the idea of switching up my hair color (just a tiny bit) just for fun.

The color lasts 3-5 washes (mine washed out without a trace in three shampoos) and comes in five bold shades. I went with pink, but I feel like blue would look amazing on some of my darker haired friends.


Garnier Color Styler

Using the Color Styler was incredibly easy… I actually did mine before work! You apply on clean, dry (untangled) hair. The kit includes gloves, and I just applied a few drops to the gloves rubbed my hands together to spread the product out, and then took sections of hair (randomly) and applied to the bottom half of my hair for an ombré effect. I’d grab each section with the glove and twirl the hair around to ensure I got it from all sides. One thing worth noting is that you need to wait until your hair is completely dry after applying the product or your hair will have a rough texture. After your hair is dry, brush through until it’s nice and smooth.


Garnier Color Styler

Obviously I made you a GIF. Shameless.

PS – if you try the product, snap a selfie, hashtag #FunnestGirl, and tell us why you’re the #FunnestGirl in the World in the comments – you could become Garnier Color Styler’s spokesmodel for 72 hours! More details here.


PS – I’m wearing a French Connection Leather Top (c/o), J.Crew Pants, Lands End Heels, BaubleBar Necklace, cuff + pearl cuff and Lauren Merkin Bag (c/o)

photography by Alex Mouganis.

Thank you to Garnier for sponsoring this post.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Jessica Rose:

    I prefer a classic look like yourself as well…although your pink hair is wehay out there!!


    10.24.14 Reply
  2. Saša Rakovec:

    You rock that pink color!

    10.24.14 Reply
  3. Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl:

    You are so fun, love this!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    10.24.14 Reply
  4. Belen:

    haha I like it!! it looks girly edgy!
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

    10.24.14 Reply
  5. Rose:

    Oh. My. God. LOVE! No secret that colored hair is a favorite of mine…gotta try that purple on my tips!!

    10.24.14 Reply
  6. Diana:

    Love those shoes, leopard print is such a great way to lift an outfit x

    10.26.14 Reply
  7. Alexandra:

    So fun! Thanks for testing – this would be great for halloween 🙂

    Warm Regards,

    10.27.14 Reply