A Tiny Bit of Housekeeping…

You might have noticed that S&S has had a little work done.  The biggest change you’ll notice is the spiffed up DIY Archives Page..   My weekly DIY posts are my favorite part of this blog… it’s time that they had a proper home!   Next, I’ve added share buttons!  (Finally!)  So now, you can Pin/Tweet/Facebook away to your heart’s content.  (Please do…sharing is caring!)  In addition, it’s now a little bit easier to comment – I’ve installed Disqus, which also makes it easier for me to respond to your comments directly.  At present, (eep!) all of my comments have vanished, but I’m hoping to have them back within the next few days.

Lastly, my feed settings have changed.  Google Friend Connect is now gone for S&S, which means… if you were following me from GFC before, you won’t get S&S in your reader.  So please, take a second to re-add S&S to your reader via regular RSS or Bloglovin.

P.S.  If you are looking for an amazing WordPress designer – or, probably harder to find, someone who can migrate your blog from Blogger to WordPress, you must meet Lisa Butler of Elembee… she is amazing!  She was responsible for my migration, the DIY archive, and all the other general new snazziness.  It’s important to know your strengths.  I am NOT good at the tech stuff.  Let somebody else do the tech stuff, so that you can focus on being creative!

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  1. Natasha Fatah says 3.12.12

    Oh my goodness, thank god. I thought I was having insane deja vu today because all your posts that I thought I had seen days ago were coming up as new items on my reader. Blog is looking good girl!


    • graceatwood says 3.12.12

      Oh I know it! Sorry about that… My feed broke, and then it worked, and then I was that annoying person who took over Google Reader. Sorry about that… thanks for being patient with the changes! xx

  2. Allison says 3.12.12

     I love your new page…it looks fabulous! It makes me feel like I need to rennovate mine.


  3. christin says 3.12.12

    looks amazing! 

  4. Sarah Roads says 3.12.12

    Looks great, I like the changes. 

  5. Tara says 3.12.12
  6. tmcnulty85 says 3.12.12

    love it girlie! i looks awesome!! so happy for you and can’t wait to see how it evolves 🙂



    • graceatwood says 3.12.12

      Thanks lady!! xox

  7. Tamra Sanford says 3.12.12

    Love the new organization, and love the instagram feed!

  8. Jessie D. Miller says 3.13.12

    Your bullet bracelet and leather bow are my favs!!!

  9. A Cleaner Closet says 3.13.12

    Everything looks great, Grace!  


  10. S&S looks gorgeous on WordPress!  How did you make the DIY archives look so fantastic?!

    • graceatwood says 3.13.12

      Hi Erin! I worked with an (amazing) designer – Lisa Butler, of Elembee Designs. Email me – would be happy to intro you!

  11. Kanae Jointer says 3.13.12

    I love your DIY projects. Thank you for finding them a home! Easier for me to find more =)


  12. Jessica says 3.14.12

    love the facelift! way to go lady!
    I love your DIYs, and just made your leather bow DIY tonight! it will be on my blog tomorrow 🙂