A Sale at Follain, An Addicting New Show, and Other Good Things.

sunny California | A Sale at Follain, An Addicting New Show, and Other Good Things.
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Hello! I’m back from a few days away in sunny California which was just the best. We spent three nights in La Quinta and Palm Springs (my friend’s friend let us stay at her beautiful home), and then a night in Santa Monica (I splurged on a room at The Proper which was absolutely amazing – it had been on my “hotel bucket list” a while, which has gotten rather long at this point after no recreational travel for 15 months!).

I’m going to have a blog post up this week or next with everything we did (and I’ll link my google doc with all the recommendations I got from YOU, thanks again). All in all it was such a fun little adventure! I’m back in Charleston for a bit (my next trip is in two weeks to see friends back in NYC) and am looking forward to a short but productive week.

PS – a late addition to the list: Loeffler Randall is having a sale! They don’t do this very often. These are like a kitten heel version of my fav gold mules, I love these, and what a cute lemon yellow gingham tote!

PPS – my dress above is 20% off with code Grace20

A Sale at Follain, An Addicting New Show, and Other Good Things.

Spring Sale at Follain

Follain’s Spring Sale

The biggest news I have for you is that Follain is having their big sale – they only do these twice a year so now’s the time to stock up! It’s a quick one… started yesterday and ends tomorrow. You can take 15% off sitewide (with a few exclusions). I bought a fresh Tata resurfacing mask (my fav), the new RMS mascara (hearing really great things about it), and Follain’s hydrating mask (another holy grail). Two old favs and a new launch! I’m also curious about Tata’s new radiance mask and this calming balm so I may place a second order. If you are new to clean beauty I always recommend Follain’s private line as it’s affordable but really high quality. The eye cream is particularly great and a very good price.

Cruel Summer on Hulu | A Sale at Follain, An Addicting New Show, and Other Good Things.

Cruel Summer on Hulu

Right now, my three no-miss shows are Mare of Easttown (INCREDIBLE but we’ve already discussed that, multiple times, I feel boring!), Younger (this season isn’t good but I am watching it, hoping maybe somehow things will turn around), and this. My new friend Megan had posted about it to her Instagram stories and I was immediately intrigued… she described it as Pretty Little Liars meets another show I liked (sorry- can’t remember what). Add to that the Jessica Biel producer credit and I was of course intrigued.

A popular girl is abducted and then a less popular girl seemingly takes over her life. And then we learn that the less popular girl may have been at fault. It’s set on the same day every year for three years and is totally addicting. It’s a fun fluffy show and I have to tell you, I have no idea how it is going to end! Highly recommend if you want some good fluff TV.

Mary Katrantzou x Aqua

Mary Katrantzou x Aqua

I was so excited to see Mary Katrantzou’s collaboration with Aqua at Bloomingdale’s! I’ve long admired her work (her prints are INCREDIBLE – her pieces are wearable works of art, in my opinion) but the prices of her dresses are seriously steep. The collection with Aqua has four signature prints (I love the butterflies, personally!) and even includes girls’ pieces if you have a daughter (or a niece!) you want to dress up with. Love love love… this dress is my favorite of the bunch.

Gold Birks

Gold Birks

They’re back! I love my gold birks so much and needed to let you know that a few places (more in the widget below but DSW has the best size range etc) have the gold birkenstocks back in stock. More on my favorite summer sandals in this post.

Glennon Doyle's new podcast.

Glennon Doyle’s new podcast.

Have you tuned into Glennon Doyle’s new(ish – there are a few episodes) podcast, We Can Do Hard Things yet? I am a big fan of hers and have been listening along and am really enjoying it so far. I’ve listened to the first two episodes on anxiety and boundaries and found both to be really helpful. I will say that I did find it to be less upbeat than some of her other work (I have listened to a couple of her audiobooks) but I think that might be an editing thing.



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  1. I need to give Cruel Summer a try! Sounds really good! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Caroline says 5.26.21

    If anyone is around Asheville, NC I found the gold birks for $75 at some place called Discount Shoes over the weekend! They sadly did not have my size.

  3. Nicola says 5.26.21

    The gold birks they are putting out this year (like the one in your link) are a bit different. I have the exact ones you do, and they are a slightly shinier gold. This year it’s more of a matte, and less yellow gold saldly 🙁 and ya I miss the white sole too. Why do they have to change them?!?

    • grace at the stripe says 5.26.21

      Oh that’s interesting! I wish they would have just kept the white shiny ones!!!!!

  4. Maggie says 5.26.21

    I can’t believe it, but I just ordered the gold birks. My mom exclusively wore Birkenstocks when I was growing up and I did NOT think they were cool. She now wears sandals that are even LESS cool, and now I’m 40 and I just bought the shoes that my mom wore when she was 40. So definitely turning into my mom over here, ha, ha. I’ll be curious to see how they fit/feel and if I end up keeping them.

  5. AG says 5.26.21

    Grace! Loved seeing your instagram photos of La Quinta. My parents moved there when I was in college and I love getting to come visit. Wish I could rock the gold Birks but just can’t – I ended up going with the Dear Frances Tye slide for a similar look though. Can’t recommend that brand enough!

  6. Katy says 5.26.21

    Hi! A little random, have you tried One Love Organics? I saw it in the Follain image. I tried the coconut dew sample size and really liked it for a lighter, summertime moisturizer. I feel like you should go to their spa near Savannah and report back!!! 🙂 Loved seeing pics from your Palm Springs trip!

  7. Lauren says 5.26.21

    I snagged this set from Follain. $71.20 for $108 of products with the discount. Excited to try all three of these products — the eye cream, detox mask, and a vitamin C serum. I clicked over anticipating to buy the Tata mask but went this direction instead. Fingers crossed!


  8. Sarah says 5.26.21

    Wait is Cruel Summer on Netflix? I searched and couldn’t find it… Google tells me it’s on Hulu..