A Really Good Sale + Why Singles Should be Able to Register Too!

The idea for today’s post actually came from a DM from a (single) reader that made me laugh out loud – she was lamenting the fact that she’d been busy getting promotions and raises at work but was still saving for nice pots + pans and a stand mixer because all her money goes to weddings. Haha.. SAME.

(And yes, this is a sponsored post – it’s sponsored by Macy’sand while this post is meant to be entertaining I’m very serious that if you are registering for a wedding (or for LIFE because hey why not), Macy’s should be your go-to as they literally have everything, and the sales they have are so, so good. Every married friend of mine has registered at Macy’s and it’s the best place to register, so if you are engaged, you should definitely register with them. I should also caveat that I KNOW planning and throwing a wedding is expensive. But so is being a wedding guest.)

Speaking of SALES: Macy’s is in the middle of their big friends + family sale – home items are 30% off and electrics are 10% off with code FRIEND! (Ends 5/7/18) So registering aside, if you need something for your home (or if you are a guest of an upcoming wedding) now is the time to get it. I personally recommend stocking up on Calphalon – their pots + pans and bakeware are the absolute best… I’ve been cooking a lot more and having nice pots + pans is the best.

I digress. I have decided that I am running for president. One of my key platforms is going to be that if you turn 35 (or even 30?) and find yourself single (gasp – though I promise you, it’s not as bad as it sounds!), you get to throw yourself an epic birthday party and register for all of the things. Because single people want to nest too and honestly at this point by the time I do get around to getting married, I probably won’t need a single thing because I’ll have (slowly, sadly) bought it all… We need all the same things that married people need! (Actually we may need them even more, actually, as we are likely entertaining our many suitors* and have to impress them with our fancy cooking skills**). I casually threw out the idea on Instagram stories and was shocked by how many messages I got back. HUNDREDS. You guys really related to this which makes me think a) I could totally run for president*** and b) I’m totally onto something here.

But yeah. For my twenties and early thirties, weddings took up the bulk of both my vacation time and disposable income.

Now I’m 36 and the weddings have slowed down but I can’t help but giggle at the thought of how people would have reacted if I threw myself an epic 37th birthday, housewarming, or (even more amusing) 5th birthday party for Tyrion – and registered for it. Honestly it would probably be looked down on and considered tacky but it would still be pretty funny.

Macy’s indulged me and let me pick some things out for my own apartment – it felt a bit like registering which was the BEST and now I’ve been on a total cooking frenzy! Omelettes every morning, and all of the one-pan-dinners (so easy!!) Everything I chose is from Calphalon – beautiful, effective cookware (and all non-stick to make dish washing a bit easier). I saw a meme somewhere saying you know you’re an adult when you start getting this excited about new pots & pans… it’s the TRUTH. And as an aside, how genius is this stackable cookware? Perfect for my fellow small space dwellers. I ended up choosing my set based on the reviews, but I love the idea of the stackable set

The first thing on my list was this griddle. I have wanted one FOREVER as you can use it on top of your stove to convert it to a grill – or, inside the oven. Super versatile.. but perfect for grilling chicken or even just making fancy griddle style grilled cheeses (YUM).

The next thing I did was upgrade my pots and pans with this ceramic nonstick pan (besides being really pretty it’s great for making french toast + crepes!) and this set of non-stick pans (Hallelujah – they are beautiful and I’ve been using the same set of mismatched, hand-me-down pans since 2007!!!) which I LOVE… the set is perfect as it really has everything you need and it all matches.

I also upgraded my baking pans…. I ordered three of these round pans (for layer cakes!!), this larger pan (perfect for making apple crisp + baking overnight french toast), and this beechwood utensil set.

What about you? If you could register, what would you get?? (After pots + pans I would be all over a KitchenAid stand mixer and a set of really nice knives.)

* For the record, I don’t actually have many suitors, this was said for comic relief. Also, my cozy stripe t-shirt can be found here!

** Not meaning this as sexist; talking about both guys and girls here.

*** I’m completely joking.

Thank you to Macy’s + ShopStyle for sponsoring this post… and letting me get creative.


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  1. I’ve never thrown myself a party before – I’m scared no one will come because my friendship circle isn’t big! I love the kitchen supplies you registered for, haha!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    5.3.18 Reply
  2. Rachel:

    Such a clever post! A lot of my friends have registered at Macy’s, too.

    5.3.18 Reply
  3. Hahaha. Thanks for making me smile! Macy’s really is the best for wedding items – everything goes on such a good sale, and they give out these credits to the bride and groom whenever someone busy something off the registry. We got like $60, which was enough to get a nice steamer (another great gift).
    Happy almost Friday!

    5.3.18 Reply
    • So happy it made you smile! Yeah I kinda look at the 30% off as money you can spend on something for yourself!!!
      And I loooove my steamer. Actually in the market for a new one – mine is on the fritz!

      5.3.18 Reply
  4. Such a good idea! 🙂

    5.3.18 Reply
  5. Such a creative and different angle to take on this post! I love it!

    Also, I’m getting married in November and I’m registered at Macy’s. They literally have everything and they have the best perks for registering with them.


    5.3.18 Reply
  6. Erika:

    I loveeee this. I wish that I could register for my soon-to-be move, because I desperately need new pots, pans & dishware set. This post made me LOL, but you are totally right and Macy’s is amazing!

    5.3.18 Reply
    • Thank you so much Erika! I totally agree, it would be amazing to be able to register for a big move! x

      5.3.18 Reply
  7. This post was so cute, Grace! And I agree, Macy’s should be the go to for any couple registering. My sister and brother-in-law did, and that’s where most of their gifts came from!

    The Champagne Edit

    5.3.18 Reply
  8. Ohmygosh! This reminds me of the episode of Sex And The City when Carrie registers for a pair of stolen shoes at Manolo Blahnik. I love that episode. I think this is a great idea- even for married people nowadays because people get married so much later in life now. At least where you and I are – NYC and Boston.

    5.3.18 Reply
  9. Alexandra:

    This post was hilarious! All the side notes had me laughing so much! As the big 3-0 approaches and if I’m still single (which I’ve been for most of my 20s), I am definitely throwing a blowout party and registering for things! Love this so much.

    5.3.18 Reply
  10. Love this post and great item selection for your apartment! The number 1 thing on my registry was my Vitamix. I wanted one for YEARS and said it was one of the main reasons I was getting married (kidding, mostly). Then…nobody bought it for me! I used gift cards and just bought it for myself. That blender is a life changing appliance, fyi!

    5.3.18 Reply
    • OMG yes. I have a vitamix and it’s everything. Such a splurge but truly so worth it.

      5.3.18 Reply
  11. Lindsay:

    Haha love this! Such a great post. 🙂

    5.3.18 Reply
  12. Jane:

    I would buy All Clad pots and pans. By far the best.

    5.3.18 Reply
  13. Maggie:


    I am not yet engaged or married and I have a significant hang up about fairness and equality, which means I’ve had a LOT of disgruntled moments when shopping for bridal shower / wedding / baby shower gifts in the past 15 or so years of post-college life. I’ll leave it at that, since I’m two margaritas into the night and might possibly say something offensive if I keep going, lol.

    5.3.18 Reply
  14. I feel like an ongoing gift registry should be a thing! Love this post! I’ve been using the stainless steel Calphalon pots and pans for more than a decade 🙂 they are awesome! And we registered at Macy’s.

    5.9.18 Reply