A Quick Little Activewear Try On.

A Quick Little Activewear Try On

A Quick Little Activewear Try On

I have done a really good job sticking to my workouts (working out with weights with my trainer 3x a week and running 2-3x a week) and wanted to treat myself to some new activewear items! I got a slew of things from Vuori (you know they are one of my absolute favs… those joggers!!!). I posted a try-on to stories (it’s saved to my highlights here) but wanted to put everything here too as stories can be so temporary and it’s easier to link things here instead. I am wearing a medium in everything, Vuori runs v true to size. Also, all pieces have been washed and dried before taking photos!

Look 1

I call this teletubby meets Wild Wild Country? Totally kidding, and very much into a monochromatic look – this color is so good! (My niece is clearly influencing my style choices… long sleeve tee + leggings

A Quick Little Activewear Try On - yoga outfit

Look 2

Also wanted to show you the bra; it is a good one. I’d wear this for training or yoga but not running… for running I need something more supportive!

A Quick Little Activewear Try On

Look 3

I love this tank and am going to get a few more. I wanted to get some tighter tank tops for training sessions so that we can more easily see my form (love a big t-shirt which makes that hard!!).

bike shorts + tank outfit

Look 4

This is my go-to running look.. bike shorts + this tank, which I have in several colors but got a new one… my white one was looking a little sad!

Vuori boyfriend joggers for workouts

Look 5

I had been dying to try out Vuori’s boyfriend joggers. These are a super slouchy version of my usual fav. I like them a lot (they are truly just SO COMFORTABLE) but would size down next time!

workout outfit ideas

Look 6

Another easy look. This tee is a cuter alternative to the big t-shirts I like to wear to work out. Super comfy but just a little more elevated. The light cinnamon color is FUN!

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  1. Caroline:

    I love their joggers! I bought a pair as a treat for recovery from a procedure a few months ago, and then used an REI coupon to buy more like 2 weeks later

    Hopefully they’ll restock some colors/sizes soon! I’ve been considering the zip up hoodie since TIBAL posted about it. I feel like it’d be a good kick around outfit.

    3.28.22 Reply
  2. Sarah:

    Do you run with your phone? If so, where do you put it? I noticed those bike shorts don’t have a phone pocket, which for me is the only reason to get a pair haha. In the winter / colder months I don’t have a problem because it’s easier to find pants with side phone pockets, but I struggle in the summer months to find a good solution! Thank you!

    3.28.22 Reply
    • I do almost all my runs on the treadmill, in which case I just stick it in the drink holder 🙂

      3.28.22 Reply
    • Katie:

      In the past few summers, I have bought bike shorts with side pockets for running from Old Navy and Gap that are decent. Lululemon has great options too, but obviously more expensive! Oiselle also makes some!

      3.29.22 Reply
  3. I finally just bought the joggers a few weeks ago…and then promptly bought the shorts! This is why I held out on Vuori, because I knew this would happen 🙂

    3.28.22 Reply
  4. Helen:

    You can’t buy this brand where I live unless you want to pay about a million dollars in shipping which is very risky if you get the wrong size. This is probably a good thing as I should support local brands anyway but I do like the look of these pieces.

    3.29.22 Reply