A New Way to Discover Great Wines.

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A New Way to Discover Great Wines

A New Way to Discover Great Wines

I am a huge wine lover but can be a bit of a creature of habit. I tend to purchase the same exact wines over and over again (usually Oregon Pinot Noirs, New Zealand Sauv Blancs!). So I want to try new wines but get intimidated!!! Recently, I learned about Firstleaf and I have been loving it, as they make buying wine both easy and personal. It’s like having my own personal somm.

I’m going to share more about why I love it, but Firstleaf has an amazing offer for us. Use code STRIPE to receive 6 bottles for $44.95 and (should you choose to continue), 6 months of free shipping! This saves us over $90 on shipping alone over the course of six months.

The Personal Part:

Firstleaf takes the time to really learn and understand you, with recommendations that get better and better over time. Firstleaf is the most personalized wine club. Fun fact: their proprietary technology recommends wine you’ll love with 96% accuracy. You start by taking a quiz. This helps to build your custom profile. After taking the quiz you’ll be shown what wines you will be sent. You have the option to remove any wines you aren’t interested in and select new options, including premium selections. In a few days, you will receive your box of 6 or 12 wines selected specifically for you. As you try your wines, you rate them, giving Firstleaf more data to inform future orders. Your boxes will get better and better! You will discover new favorites over and over again.

The Easy Part:

The wines that Firstleaf sources span 5 continents and 12 countries. Their winemakers try over 10,000 wines a year. Only the finest bottles are selected, ensuring your order is the best of the best. I love that they include tasting & pairing cards. These have helped me to learn more about wine as well as what to serve them with! And I love that it is all delivered straight to my door! And they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if they send you something you don’t love, they’ll credit you for the bottle. 

Firstleaf box
Firstleaf tasting cards
My First Order

My first box came with six wines; a really nice mix of reds, whites, and one rosé. I really love the tasting cards that are included within each delivery. I want to be more knowledgeable about wine (rather than just saying, “I really like this!” and these make it helpful. Each card gives a bit more info on the wine, flavor notes, pairing information, and nutritional info too.

My box also came with a helpful guide to wine-speak, on how to decode wine descriptions, plus other wine terminology. Plus, I love that Firstleaf has a free to use app Pocket Sommelier that helps to keep my personalized wine print and wine-speak translations close by!

How to discover great wines

It is probably no surprise that my favorite wine from this box is the Longitude 120 West Pinot Noir. This one is nice and smooth, with notes of mulberry, cedar, and graphite. My other favorite was the Tulares Valley Sauvignon Blanc, which was bright and floral with a citrusy finish. Honestly? I loved everything. I like that my box included a Tempranillo which isn’t something I’d usually choose at the wine shop but wound up loving.

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Firstleaf wines review
Firstleaf wines review

Don’t forget, use code STRIPE to receive 6 bottles for $44.95 and (should you choose to continue), 6 months of free shipping. There are a few shipping cutoffs to be mindful of. The Thanksgiving shipping cut off is 11/15, and Christmas is 12/14.

Firstleaf wine order review

Thank you Firstleaf for sponsoring this post! Firstleaf is offering a special offer for my subscribers — 6 bottles for $44.95 + 6 months of free shipping. To redeem, click here.

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  1. Marisa:

    Has anyone used both this and Winc and have thoughts on how they compare?

    11.7.23 Reply
    • I have!!! I really liked Winc as well but if I were choosing between the two I think I would choose this — I felt that the educational materials went a little bit deeper and the wines were a little bit more high end.

      11.7.23 Reply
  2. I like the idea of the Pocket Sommelier and the tasting cards. Have you ever tried the Vivino app? You can take a photo of a bottle of wine and it will pull up some information about it and a rating. I have found some great less expensive wines using it. This sounds wonderful though and I am happy that you found some wines that you like! Have a wonderful day, Grace! XO

    11.7.23 Reply
  3. Madelyn:

    This is such a fantastic deal for 6 bottles of wine!

    11.18.23 Reply