A Long Weekend in Lake Arrowhead.

A Long Weekend in Lake Arrowhead

A Long Weekend in Lake Arrowhead

This past weekend, we were up in Lake Arrowhead and it was just the greatest. I am back in Charleston now and still can’t quite believe it exists? Just an hour and a half away from LA and so relaxing. It reminded me of Lake Placid. If you are looking for a travel guide I don’t have much to say as we did not leave our rental property except to go for walks and hang out by the lake. The house we stayed in was truly WONDERFUL.

I had been combing through listing after listing and nothing felt quite right for our group. And I really wanted lake access (Lake Arrowhead is a private lake so that is important!), and I wanted something big enough to fit our group of nine. I wanted a house that was beautiful, but also easy and kid-friendly. I just wanted it to be special, a place we wouldn’t want to leave.

Where we stayed

I was hitting a wall (I felt very Goldilocks in that nothing was just right!), when I remembered that Jacey rents her house out. (She also has a travel guide for Lake Arrowhead). Of course, I hopped over to check out the listing and was thrilled to see that it was free for the long weekend! Serendipitous. I booked it immediately and I am so happy that we stayed there as it is just the best house. Truly, a little slice of heaven. We had four kids with us, and while the home is beautiful and impeccably designed, nothing felt too precious or breakable. It was also really spacious. Tons of room (four adult bedrooms, a little room with a twin bed, a kid room with three beds) for us all to spread out and relax.

We spent most of the weekend hanging out on the dock (there is a little pool house with a lily pad and lake toys, etc.), going for walks around the lake (there is a great walking path right by the house), cooking, playing board games, making fires, etc. It was so nice to just slow down and relax and be with people I love. I cannot think of a better way to spend the long weekend… truly, just so wonderful. My favorite room in the house was the sun room (above); there was one afternoon where I made a second mug of coffee and curled up reading in the sunshine with a blanket while everyone else did more outdoorsy things… bliss!

I am already wondering when we can go back again.

Our room + the cute kid room which felt like a little boat with the 3 beds built into the walls.

See what I wore in this post.

A Long Weekend in Lake Arrowhead
playing monopoly
A Long Weekend in Lake Arrowhead
cup of coffee

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  1. m:

    Lake Arrowhead looks absolutely heavenly and I love Jacey’s design taste! Have you been to any of the lakes in the Southeastern US yet? I’m curious to know where Charlstonians go for a mountain lake fix. I love Lake Burton and Lake Rabun in Georgia and Lake Glenville in North Carolina. So peaceful.

    10.12.23 Reply
    • I haven’t!!! I’d like to do more local trips but I don’t have a car, so wind up doing further away trips or staying home. So far I’ve loved Cashiers and Sea Island but neither are lakes!

      10.16.23 Reply
  2. Deborah:

    Oh Grace! Your descriptions brought back such memories. I lived near Lake Arrowhead for 10 year and even after we moved away we came back and celebrated my daughter’s wedding at the Arrowhead Resort. Your photos evoke the crispness and scent of the air up there.

    10.13.23 Reply