A Little “Office” Makeover…

minted office makeover 1

This might sound silly, but one of my goals this year is to actually sit at my desk when I’m working. Working from home is amazing in so many ways, but has been a bit rough on my back, shoulders, and neck as I’ve developed some not so great habits (staying in my pajamas all day, forgetting to eat lunch until 3pm, and probably the worst one… slumping into my couch and spending hours working on my laptop… hunched over and crooked.) A couple weeks ago I started experiencing horrible neck pain. I started to rub my neck and found a giant knot in my right side that went all the way down to my shoulder. Yikes. It’s still there. I’ve been doing a ton of yoga and rubbing the knots out (I stuck two tennis balls in a sock which is both painful and effective for rolling out the knots) but most importantly I’ve gotten really diligent about sitting at my desk… and sitting up straight for that matter!

When Minted reached out to collaborate on a post, I immediately had an idea – it had to be a little “office” makeover. I put “office” in quotations as my office is really just a corner of my tiny studio… but I’ve always been good about setting that space aside as my workspace, which helps me keep things separate. No more working from the couch. I wanted things to feel fresh and energizing so we went with a neutral + green color palette… and I really love how it all turned out! It’s so nice to have a space that I’m excited to sit down at… it really makes such a huge difference.

Office Details, all c/o Minted: Botanical Study Print (left) // Ivy Print (top right) // Nice Work Print (bottom right) // Dots & Drops Lampshade // Geometry in Three Colors Pillow // Bold Statement Notebook

minted office makeover 2

minted office makeover 3

minted office makeover 4

As a sidenote, these personalized journals make for such a great gift!

minted office makeover 5

minted office makeover 6

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minted office makeover 10

Created in partnership with Minted.

photography by Tonhya Wysong.

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  1. alyson says 2.4.16

    Adoring your space, Grace. I just refreshed mine in an effort to sit there more and it makes such a difference. Enjoy!

  2. Merritt Beck says 2.4.16

    Cute office space! Love the wall art and the bold lamp.

    The Style Scribe

  3. Natali says 2.5.16

    Lovely!! I can’t wait to put up my own home office, hopefully it will look as nice as yours does.


  4. francesca says 2.5.16
  5. Thuy says 2.5.16

    It’s definitely convenient to not have to work at a desk when you need to work somewhere but I agree with sitting straight up at a desk is better for your health haha. Good luck with the tennis ball rolling.

    PS: I should probably sit up straight at work now..


  6. A Girl, A Style says 2.5.16

    You know I adore your place (it’s so beautifully homely and curated), but your new office makeover is especially gorgeous!

    Briony xx

  7. Danielle August says 2.5.16

    Longtime reader here; I’ve never commented but had to on this post. I’m a physical therapist. First, good for you for sitting at your desk! I even struggle with posture at home with my iPad. Make sure your monitor is at eye level and feet are on the floor. The tennis ball trick is great. If your pain persists, I would definitely go see a PT!

    • graceatwood says 2.7.16

      Thank you so much for commenting and for the tips!!!! 🙂 xx

  8. fariha says 2.6.16

    Your space looks so cute! I had a quick question though- where did you get that circular wall hanging above your bulletin board? I love it and have searched the ends of the internet for something exactly like it!

  9. Sarah Lagen says 2.9.16

    I’m so bad about sitting at my desk, I always sit on the couch and slump down too! I think I need to follow in your footsteps and plant my butt at my desk when I’m working! Your office is so cute and full of inspiration!

    xo, Sarah

  10. Sey says 2.9.16

    Love the headdress you have on the other wall. Can you tell us where you got that?
    And hope you actually get to use your desk.
    Good luck!✌️

  11. Jamie says 3.26.16

    That desk and your cat are both to die for!!!

    • graceatwood says 3.26.16

      thank you!

  12. Arianna says 4.25.16

    Love this thanks for sharing!