A Little Hodge Podge of Things I Love.

Clarisonic Face Massager Review

TGIF! Today I thought it would be fun to just do a little roundup of some things I am absolutely LOVING right now. None of this is sponsored; it’s just a little round-up of recent discoveries and things from around the web that I’m enjoying and think you will too!

one // my clarisonic facial massager.

okay it does other things too (it also comes with attachments for both face and body exfoliation, which I LOVE) but I bought this gadget (also available here) because of the facial massage feature. It is amazing. Facial massage is so good for you, especially during times where you are feeling a little bloated or puffy. I use it all over my face and décolletage but I really concentrate on my jaw line (especially just under it, at the top of my neck). It DRAINS out any bloat. I know it’s expensive; I don’t have a relationship with the brand (yet – hiiii Clarisonic I love you!!) and paid for this with my own money. It was worth every penny and I use it every day – multiple times (I only do a facial massage once a day but I also use it in the shower – the body brush is amazing 1-2x a week and I try to remember to exfoliate my face with the brush every other day.

anna livingston handmade statement earrings

two // chic handmade earrings with a vintage vibe.

you KNOW I love a good statement earring and how fab are these? My friend julia wore a pair of these earrings and I immediately clicked over to the site to learn more. So, so pretty! Not all of them are my style, but I love all the green (especially that first pair above – emerald green is my favorite color but so few designers do it well), and I love the vintage vibe that a lot of them have. My favorites from left to right: emerald green // yellow + coral // mint green

kerastase masquintense; wander beauty unleashed volume & curl mascara

three // this kerastase mask and this wander beauty mascara.

these are two products I kinda just forgot about until more recently. The hair mask is the best hair mask I’ve ever used. It leaves hair SO soft. I like to put it on before a bath (I wash my hair in the shower, not the tub – I like to get clean before taking a bath if that makes any sense). I leave it in my hair and then rinse it out after my bath for hair that is ultra soft, frizz free, and doesn’t show that I’ve put it through hell this summer (sun! salt! chlorine!) It’s a wonderful thing.

the mascara, I just sort of forgot about. Whoops. I had been very enamored by Glossier Lash Slick (still am, read my review of it here), which is the perfect natural looking mascara for everyday, BUT sometimes a girl wants a little bit of drama. For dates or going out or a big event, nothing is better than Wander’s Volume & Curl. I’ve tried every mascara and this is the best.

I put this on before a date and was like “whoa, I look good.” Hence, I remembered how much I love this stuff. Magic. It makes your lashes long, voluminous, and curled… never tangled or too gloppy though.

goop's new body products.

four // goop’s new body products.

holy moly, these are amazing. Anytime I get a PR mailer from goop I tear into it as I just know it’s going to be good. goop just unveiled several new hair + body products and they RULE. My favorite of everything is the glacial marine clay body wash which basically feels like washing yourself in glacial clay (as one does, DUH) in the best sort of get dirty to get clean kind of way. It smells amazing, and just feels so good on your skin.

Next is the scalp scrub which MAN I really needed after a summer of just traveling and roaming and swimming in the ocean, being as dirty and salty as possible. Between the blowouts in the city and the salt from the beach I NEED this product. You use it as you would shampoo, except you scrub your scalp. It’s like a deep cleanse/detox for your scalp. It smells – and feels – SO GOOD on your scalp. Instant obsession (remember my obsession with deep cleaning your scalp? This is like a one stop shop for that.) The body scrub is a nice body scrub but I’m not obsessed with it, and the dry brush is amazing. I dry brush every day and was in need of an upgrade… I love this brush.

Sonix Coco Sunglasses

five // chic chic sunglasses for way less.

while in Sayulita, our very chic friend Jackie had the best sunglasses on. From Sonix! Becca and I both were obsessed and kept borrowing them. Of course, when Becca and I went on to the Sonix site to play copycat, they were sold out. But somehow they are back in stock (and for way less – $48) on Amazon. Becca texted me the news, I immediately ordered a pair, and you should too. They are FAB. I actually ordered two pairs… nude (which Jackie has; see them on her here), and black as I needed a new pair of black sunglasses. So basically we are bestie triplets with the same sunglasses but they are amazing and we don’t care.

shrimps antonia pearl bag

six // shrimps antonia pearl bag

zomg. This bag. I can’t. It’s so expensive but it’s so cute! It’s also available here. I first spotted it on a cute UK blogger that I follow, and it’s spiraled into an obsession. I really, really want it. The boxy shape, the beautiful lining… it’s just beyond. If you’ve seen something similar but less expensive please let me know as I think a pearl handbag needs to be in my life for Fall. (Update: thank you to reader Roxanne who shared this $70 dupe!)

what are you obsessed with right now? tell me your latest find!

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  1. I use Kerastase shampoo and I love it – might try the hair mask! Definitely something I’d try out! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    8.17.18 Reply
  2. I love this type of roundup! So fun. That scalp scrub looks great.

    8.17.18 Reply
  3. What a fun little roundup! I’m equally obsessed with that bag and LOVE those sunglasses — the nude today are oddly $105?! But might have to stalk those a bit.Also highly considering getting that GOOP scalp scrub… there is nothing better than an intensely clean scalp after sweaty Florida summers — heat, pool, beach!


    8.17.18 Reply
  4. Shawna:

    Zara has a really similar little beaded handbag but it only comes in black..! Still cute

    Love your post 🙂

    8.17.18 Reply
  5. Meghan:

    I’ve been obsessed with that style of earrings all summer! They’re called “soutache” and there are tons of really pretty options on Etsy too….although I may have to pick up a pair from the shop you linked, they’re so pretty!

    8.17.18 Reply
  6. Love all of those earrings so much!

    8.17.18 Reply
  7. Those earrings are really cool.
    I have a clairsonic as well but it just has the exfoliating feature.. it makes my skin so soft I love it.


    8.17.18 Reply
  8. A facial massager sounds like the best kind of luxury! Do you know if they have just an attachment for a regular Clarisonic?

    8.17.18 Reply
    • no, it’s so annoying! once they unveil a new brush it’s only available for the most current ones (dealing w/that now as they just released an even newer model with a cool undereye massager, which won’t work on my model!)

      8.17.18 Reply
  9. Cynthia:

    And the sunglasses are $480.00 today!!!! What????

    8.19.18 Reply
  10. I love that bag so much and am also trying to talk myself out of it for practical reasons (I tried it on in Fenwicks a few weeks ago and it is so expensive for the size and is also really heavy and has no way to close so someone could just take anything out of it while you’re walking without you even noticing). But OMG it’s so gorgeous and I’m pretty sure we both need it in out lives!

    Briony xx

    8.20.18 Reply