A Fitness Update!

A Fitness Update!

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Today I wanted to give a little fitness update! I have been working out with my trainer (Liz!) for two months now. This was an investment in myself and I am so happy I did it. I love the accountability, I like that I never really know what I am going to get, and (lol) I like that our workouts are 45 minutes. 45 minutes just seems SO much more manageable than an hour.

This post is in partnership with Backcountry. I have been working with Backcountry all this Fall and they’ve become one of my favorite destinations for workout clothing (and GIFTS!). They stock my absolute favorite running sneakers (I had a gait analysis ages ago when I was a more serious runner and these are all I wear), and also some really cute workout gear (in my opinion the best way to reward yourself for getting in all that hard work!). More recently, I was really happy to see that they stock one of my favorite brands – Girlfriend Collective! Girlfriend’s pieces are comfy with a great fit and they’re actually made from recycled water bottles! I love this legging + sports bra set. (This sports bra is great too BTW, I have in a few colors!)

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Outfit Details: Backcountry Sweatshirt // Tank // Girlfriend Collective Leggings // Girlfriend Collective Sports Bra (love this one too!) // Sneakers

Grace Fitness Update

A Fitness Update!

I work out with Liz 2-3 days a week and then she gives me homework workouts on the weekends. We tend to do weights together and then my homework workouts are cardio, body weight stuff, or short yoga videos.

This month we’ve been doing 3 workouts a week (honestly, holiday party season is in full swing and staying accountable to her keeps me from staying out too late!). We usually start with legs day early in the week (I get SO sore) so that if I am traveling over the weekend I won’t be super sore. When I got sick I was so bummed out as I essentially had to take two weeks off from working out. I’d made a lot of progress (especially with cardio) and it felt like it all just went away. But I am learning not to be so hard on myself.

This is a journey and I am proud of myself for letting my body rest as opposed to just trying to work through it. I also really like that she pushes me but doesn’t push me so hard – when I was starting to feel better she came up with  an all body weight circuit – challenging, but not enough to make.

The biggest difference I have noticed is my energy levels.

I wrote about this earlier in the year (a lack of stamina), and two months into adjusting my nutrition and getting into a steady swing with exercise, I have so much more energy. This is mostly because I’ve been lifting weights and eating more protein. Cottage cheese is my best friend. Same with greek yogurt. I have learned to eat in a way that balances eating for enjoyment (I will always be a foodie!) with fueling my body.

Two things in particular have really helped! One hour before working out I eat a piece of fruit (this really helps with energy levels during the workout!). Immediately after working out I try to eat 20 grams of protein. The easiest way to do this is with a container of Faje greek yogurt, but I’ll often do eggs with cheese and Dave’s Killer Bread.

Grace working out

I try to save my treadmill workouts to Instagram… And I have a workouts highlight!

I have a lot of leggings but a definite void in my “workout wardrobe” is with tank tops.

I typically like to work out in a sweatshirt, a tank, and then a sports bra/legging set. As I get warmer, layers come off. I love a muscle tank and I really like my tanks to be a little longer when possible – to cover my butt and/or knot. This tank is really good (and it’s on sale right now!). It is made from organic cotton and gets even softer in the wash. I grabbed it in both coal and snow. I take a medium!!

Personal fitness training workout outfit Backcountry workout outfit Backcountry workout outfit idea

Photography by Clay Austin.


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  1. Dana B:

    Thanks for sharing your fitness journey with us! Question on the Greek yogurt – do you just do plain or a flavored one? Thanks, Grace!

    12.16.21 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Always plain! I would read the labels, I think it is the 2% one I get – it’s the one where the single size serving has 20 grams of protein. But the flavored ones can be really sugary.

      12.16.21 Reply
  2. Becca:

    I think you have such a healthy relationship with food and exercise, I love seeing someone use exercise to increase stamina to live their best life. Thanks for being a positive role model

    12.16.21 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      The nicest comment – thank you!

      12.16.21 Reply
  3. V:

    Hi Grace, good for you for working with a trainer. I worked with one years ago and it is one of the best things I ever did. I still use so many of the things she taught me; after working out with her more than 10 years ago, it became a necessary part of my physical and mental wellness. I have trained 3-5x a week (barring the occasional week break) ever since! Sometimes getting up at 6am to train hurts, but I always feel amazing about 10 minutes into my workout. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    I also prefer “CYA” tanks as well…trying to find them is such a challenge. Wanted to let you know that the Milly Long Tank from Montiel (montiel.com) looks amazing on, washes well, is fantastic in the gym, and is affordable. The Victory Bra is also very comfortable and flattering. They also have free shipping and returns and excellent customer service. I have zero affiliation with them, for the record!

    Have a great Christmas and New Year!

    12.23.21 Reply