A Few Faves…


Just wanted to pop in to share a few things that I really love right now!

  1. I’d been hearing a ton from my friends at Lulu Frost about their new “words collection.” If you aren’t familiar, here’s the deal. This time around, LIsa Salzer was inspired by the idea of hidden messages and acrostic symbols found in Victorian jewelry. So she created a collection of simple rings + bar stud earrings. Each “piece” spells a different word using precious + semi-precious stones. I kinda want the “hot” one. I mean, we all need a (subliminal) boost of confidence every so often, right?
  2. As an emoji fiend, I was beyond excited when we launched a collection of (tiny!) emoticharms over at BaubleBar. You’ll want to collect them all. As an added bonus, the chains come in varying lengths for easy layering. And at $25 a piece, you don’t have to feel bad about buying a few.
  3. Things have come full circle with my best friend and I. Back in the day, I worked in the beauty biz and loaded her up with beauty products. Now she’s the prestige beauty buyer at Macy’s and loaded me up with a bunch of samples the other night. Among the mix? My long lost love – Kiehl’s Midnight Recover Concentrate. I’d somehow forgotten how much I loved this stuff. It undoes a variety of sins (drinking too much, working too late, not enough sleep) and leaves skin looking incredibly healthy + radiant the next day. Smoother, too. Seriously, IT IS THE BEST.
  4. My friend Felicia and I have a funny thing. We seem to inadvertently cause each other to spend money. But only on the best stuff. I got her hooked on Tata Harper products, and she suckered me into this Everlane trench. Guys. I had no need, whatsoever for another coat (especially in this humidity!) but everything about it is just awesome. The cut, the color, the quality… (it’s comparable to my Burberry trench – seriously.) I’m glad I got it because I’m sure it will sell out. So go get it, before it sells out. You’ll be happy you did once Fall rolls around.

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Leave a Comment


  1. Lauren:

    I want to see a picture of the trench! I can’t get a feel for how it will look from the Everlane website.

    7.2.14 Reply
  2. Jess Zimlich:

    I just love the bottle that concentrate comes in! I could definitely benefit from it 😉

    26 and Not Counting

    7.2.14 Reply
  3. ghazalehk:

    The word collection is genius! Need to think of what subliminal message I want to wear…

    7.2.14 Reply
  4. The Avg Girl Guide (@AvgGirlsGuide):

    such good little picks; that trench is already sold out in small! boo…. looks awesome. And, those emoticons?! so fun!

    7.2.14 Reply
  5. turqandteal:

    I use the same Kiehl’s collection for night eye cream and it’s awesome!

    7.2.14 Reply
  6. Noemi:

    Basically I love everything by Lulu Frost, so I love this collection and the idea behind it.
    I really like the emoticharms, unfortunately I can’t buy them 🙁 Too many taxes and duties.

    7.3.14 Reply
  7. Noemi:

    Well, BaubleBar doesn’t even ship to my country.

    7.3.14 Reply