A Change of Hair?

For the past 4 years, really ever since I moved to New York, I’ve had the same hair cut and color.  Long waves with sun-streaked highlights.  It works for me, and I figure, if it isn’t broken, why fix it?  I’m all for changing things up every now and then, but I haven’t changed my hair in quite some time.

This Fall, the boyfriend and I have become obsessed with the show, “White Collar.”  The main character has been seeing (and trying to steal a Music Box with) a gorgeous girl named Alex.  (Played by the beautiful Gloria Votsis.)  I Want. Her. Hair. 

And so, I’m seriously considering (at least for the summer,) darkening my hair.  See below “inspiration board” that I’ll take to the stylist.  Looking to do something like the below… but a little bit lighter.

What do you all think?  The boyfriend is all for it (I think he just has a secret fantasy of having a brunette girlfriend…) but I think it could be fun.  (And it’s just hair… can always change it back later.)

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