A Cape Cod Fourth…

This past fourth of July may have been one of my all time favorites.  We were on Cape Cod (where I’m originally from,) and it was a weekend full of family, food, and plenty of beach time.  I was only out of the office for two days, but it felt as though we’d had a full week retreat.

(Oyster wreckage… we had oysters every day!)
(A lemony still life..)
(The Dennis Yacht Club… all ready for the 4th!)
(BBQ… delish!)
(Backyard Whiffleball!)
(Mayflower Beach Snack Bar)
(More of Mayflower Beach..)
(Delicious 4th of July Lobsters at Swan River Restaurant in Dennisport)
(Cold Storage Beach in East Dennis)

All in all, it was an amazing weekend and I couldn’t have asked for a better fourth of July!!!  Home sweet home… missing it already!  The only downfall, I’m doubling up on work-outs this week… it was a bit of a gluttonous one.  All the same, entirely worth it if you ask me.

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