A Bunch of Recent Outfits.

Mille Dress | A Bunch of Recent Outfits

This week’s outfit diary is a wild ride. I was very sick for a chunk of the past two weeks, so, outfit documentation was sporadic at best. There were lots of pajamas. Then, I started feeling better. So I am literally taking you through the delightful adventure of hoping I didn’t have COVID to getting COVID to being really sick to recovering. I am feeling a lot better now. This past Sunday (14 days after my first symptoms) I finally felt normal again. I am back to my regular amount of energy and the brain fog is subsiding.

PS – my last outfit diary!

A Bunch of Recent Outfits

Three Wednesdays ago:

What I Did: went to the doctor, got a positive COVID test… hooray! 😉

What I Wore: Mille Dress (wearing a small)// Lele Sadoughi Earrings

Katie Sturino x Amazon the Drop Kaftan


What I Did: Rested but tried to look cute. This was before two really bad days of being sick.

What I Wore: Katie Sturino x Amazon the Drop Kaftan

mirror selfie while sick with COVID at home


What I Did: put on real clothes (Friday + Saturday were really bad for me with COVID) and felt triumphant.

What I Wore: Amazon Tee // AGOLDE Shorts

The Coast Brand top | A Bunch of Recent Outfits


What I Did: worked from home and rested.

What I Wore: The Coast Brand top

Grace wearing Addison Bay Dress | A Bunch of Recent Outfits


What I Did: Worked from home and rested

What I Wore: Addison Bay Dress (note: I washed and dried this and shrunk it. IMO it looks much better than it did before shrinking it, which you can see here).

Amazon Cutout Dress

Last Friday:

What I Did: First official time leaving the house! Went to my friend’s trunk show. Was still feeling really tired so came home after.

What I Wore: Amazon Dress // Bottega Veneta Heels // Holst + Lee Bracelet

Vuori Tank and joggers outfit

Saturday Morning:

What I Did: Met a girlfriend for a walk.

What I Wore: Vuori Tank (fav workout tank!) // Vuori Joggers (the best best best) // Nike Sneakers

Tory Burch Dress on Grace

Saturday Afternoon:

What I Did: went over to my parents’ house for wine and steak.

What I Wore: Tory Burch Dress // Gold Birkenstocks

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  1. Valerie A DiStefano:

    Obsessed with the Mille dress. So happy to hear you are feeling better.

    5.31.22 Reply
    • Thank you Valerie!!! Me TOO – it was a wild ride. And agree, everything Mille does is magic!

      5.31.22 Reply
  2. This yellow dress is AMAZING. I’m officially obsessed and I hate yellow!

    5.31.22 Reply
  3. Stacey:

    That Amazon dress looks SO chic, I love it! Glad you are on the mend 🙂

    5.31.22 Reply
  4. Cy:

    Love the Tory Burch dress! Such a pretty color on you. I have a question; are you Birks leather? I can’t wear most synthetic leather shoes. Thanks!

    5.31.22 Reply
  5. Carrie:

    Grace, you are really doing a number on my wallet! My closet is happy though… 🙂 anyways wanted to share: the Amazon Drop cutout dress is SO good. Like you I’m 5’8” and the medium is perfect. Those of you on the fence… go for it! It’s a new fave. Can’t wait to wear it when the sun comes out in the PNW.

    6.2.22 Reply