8 Beauty Resolutions for a Prettier 2016.

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This time of year, we’re all making resolutions. We promise ourselves we’ll be better people, more responsible… we’ll actually get to the gym, we’ll adult. My personal resolution, or goal rather, is to run more (at least 4x a week), and to be able to run a 10k by the Spring. I think that’s pretty reasonable.

But all this resolutioning had me thinking. What about making resolutions that would be fun and easy to stick to? Beauty resolutions! As you know by now if you read here regularly, I am all for pampering… as much as possible. Today I’ve teamed up with BareMinerals to share eight beauty resolutions that will have you looking good, but most importantly feeling good. Beauty is something that comes from within. If you take good care of yourself and live a happy + healthy lifestyle, the results will show on the outside. That’s one of the reasons I’ve always been of the skincare > makeup mentality. And because BareMinerals is one of my favorite foundation brands (this is my everything!) I was really excited to see what their approach to skincare would look like.

ONE // Drink More Water. This one is an old standby resolution, but still so important. If you aren’t hydrated from within, it will show on your face. I’ve had an especially hard time with this one since starting to work from home (when I worked in an office, filling up my water bottle was my excuse to be social, to shake out my legs, etc.) so I’ve been keeping a pitcher in my fridge filled with ice water + slices of lemon and cucumber. I aim to fill the pitcher up twice a day, and because it tastes like spa water, I drink a lot more of it!

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TWO // Get Skin on a Routine… and make skincare a ritual! This one is mostly mental. It’s making that switch between, “Ugh, it’s almost time for bed, I have to wash my face,” to “I can’t wait to do something nice for myself!” I will be honest… my morning skincare routine is not always as comprehensive as my evening routine, but at night I use an oil cleanser followed by a gel cleanser, serum, and a thick layer of night cream. Every. single. night. And it feels like such a treat. To be honest, if you are really thorough at night you don’t have to do as much in the morning. (Which is good for me as I am not a morning person at all!)

For the past two weeks (you may have seen it on Snapchat) I’ve been testing BareMinerals’ new Skinsorials line. While I definitely had my favorites (more on that to come), the whole line is fantastic (and affordably priced, too). The line left my skin hydrated, glowy, and most importantly feeling really good. No tightness, dryness, redness, etc. Just healthy, happy skin. Ever the double cleanser, I start with their total cleansing oil and then use their pure plush cleansing foam. After that I’d apply a layer of their (amazing) serum (more on that below), followed by cream. At night I use their restorative rich cream (it feels like butter!) and in the morning I would use their moisturizing soft cream.

THREE // Try an Oil Cleanser. As you may know, I am a huge proponent of the oil cleanser. Even if you have oily skin, there is an oil cleanser out there for you! BareMinerals’ new oil cleanser is one of the best I’ve tried, and by far the best smelling. It smells like the spa. The lavender notes are very visible, and I swear it smelled like eucalyptus too although that wasn’t listed on the packaging. Using it before bed is very relaxing. The brand encourages all types of skin to give this a try as the oil is very lightweight and washes away completely without leaving any oil behind.

The key to cleansing with oils is to massage them into dry skin first. Let it really sink in and dissolve your makeup (paying special attention to eye makeup) and then add just the tiniest bit of warm water. The water will turn the oil into a milky emulsion that can easily be rinsed away. I like to do a gel or foam cleanser afterward (mostly just to get my skin extra clean) but it really isn’t necessary with this one.

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FOUR // Try a Serum. Repeat after me. Serum is the most important step. It’s no longer enough (especially as we get into our thirties) to simply wash and moisturize. You need a good serum in between. Serums are packed with anti-aging ingredients and actives that will help prevent signs of aging and damage. Applying it right after cleansing allows it to penetrate deeply, and then your moisturizer will lock it in to allow it to do its best work.

BareMinerals new SKINLONGEVITY  Serum was actually inspired by Okinawa, Japan; which hosts the oldest living female population in the world today. The key active ingredient in the serum is Long Life Herb, (it grows in Okinawa) a superfood that contains even more minerals and vitamins than kale. The serum promises increased vitality, moisture, resilience, and a more youthful appearance. I personally really liked the formula. It’s very lightweight and left my skin glowing + healthy. I’ll also say that at $48, it’s one of the more affordable high-power serums I’ve tried… I would have expected it to cost over $100! If you haven’t added a serum to your repertoire, it’s worth giving this a go.. it really works and it won’t break the bank the way that some serums can.

FIVE // Get Enough Sleep. This is such a hard one for me and I hate it. I mostly blame the cat as I live in a studio apartment and he is nocturnal, but I’m working on it. I try to get into bed by 11pm to be asleep by midnight. I know you’re not supposed to watch TV right before bed, but it works for me. I will watch a show or read a book… and my new thing is that I leave my phone downstairs so that I’m not tempted to look at it. I also sleep with an eye mask (love these) and I really want to get this pillow after trying it out when I stayed with a friend in Boston.

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SIX // Get in that Cardio! This is completely unfounded, but I believe that a good sweat will make your skin look so much better. As long as you shower/wash off afterward, a good sweat does wonders. It detoxifies your pores and leaves you glowing. I’ve been doing a lot more running over the past few months and have noticed a big difference in how my skin looks as a result. I feel like I sweat out all the bad stuff and have fewer clogged pores as a result. Again, completely unfounded but I really think it’s true.

SEVEN // Make things you hate fun by adding a pampering element to them. This might sound extremely silly or frivolous but it works for me. Bookkeeping is my least favorite part of the job so I will put on a face mask while I’m doing my accounting stuff. Before I know it, the receipts have all been logged and filed, and my skin is glowing too. Face masks are your friend!

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EIGHT // Sunscreen, Always! I have not always been the best at this, but I have gotten so much better this year. The easiest way to remember (for me at least) is to use a tinted moisturizer or foundation that has it in it. Complexion Rescue has been my go-to face product for over a year now (I say face product because it’s kind of this weird gel hybrid between a BB cream and a foundation) and I love that it contains SPF 30. Like I said, skincare > makeup… but sometimes we need a little extra help, and I like that the Complexion Rescue contains an SPF so that I don’t have to worry about whether my day cream contains it.

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Created in partnership with BareMinerals.

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. I’m in the process of trying to up my water intake and decrease the amount of coffee I’ve been drinking! I also agree that a sweat does wonders. Good motivation to work out!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

    1.19.16 Reply
  2. I also share a studio apartment with a cat, times two! The one thing that has made the biggest difference in sleeping while sharing a small space with two nocturnal assholes was getting a noise machine. I actually use an app on my phone that let me create my own noise, but a white noise machine works too. As does the noise from my humidifier! I find it blocks out stuff like the rattling of the food dish, litter box, etc that they do in the middle of the night. And I’m so used to it now I sleep with the noise even if I’m not at home!

    I’m excited to try this serum. Most I’ve tried (FAB, Belif, etc) have made me break out, but I will continue the quest to find the right one!

    1.19.16 Reply
  3. I’ve been on a mission to drink more water lately, and it makes such a difference! I’ve always wanted to try and oil cleanser, and might have to give it a shot.

    PS- love your gallery wall!

    Olivia, Baubles to Bubbles

    1.19.16 Reply
  4. Maggie:

    I love the Complexion Rescue! That’s the best way I get sunscreen, too, unless I know I’ll be outside a lot. Then I use actual sunscreen.


    1.19.16 Reply
  5. I want to start dry brushing!


    1.19.16 Reply
  6. Those new baremineral products are GORGEOUS. I’d seriously buy them just because they look pretty.

    1.19.16 Reply
  7. ashley:

    several years ago i made a new year’s resolution to never refuse water if i was offered it, or if i was offered something to drink. it’s been a good way to up my water intake a tad.

    1.19.16 Reply
  8. You should come to the Bridge Run 10k in Charleston at the beginning of April! It’s so much fun. Gotta try that Butter Drench moisturizer – my skin is in desperate need of some moisture.

    1.19.16 Reply
  9. Great and wise post! I feel you on #5 and having a nocturnal cat (I have 2 and they play tag). You certainly keep your living room looking beautiful despite the kitty roomie!

    1.19.16 Reply
  10. Water is the hardest thing for me for sure. It’s such a chore. Like I think it’s refreshing but unless I just ate and need a palette cleanser or I just exercised, I don’t really drink it unless I rigidly put myself on schedule to drink it lmao.

    Also, skincare ritual is hard for me but mostly because I don’t know what’s good for you. The most I do is use a cleanser after I wipe my makeup off, then serum, then moisturize. But this is ONLY when I wear makeup which is not daily! Is it safe to mud cleanse your face everyday?!


    1.19.16 Reply
  11. Sasha:

    Great resolutions! I will try to stick to most of them 🙂

    1.19.16 Reply
  12. Such simple and easy things to do! Definitely adding some of these in to my daily routine to make 2016 more beautiful. Thanks for sharing babe!

    1.19.16 Reply
  13. Drinking plenty of water and using a serum are two of my latest additions to my skin care routine too and I think you are on to something with #6….I’ve recently become consistent again with my cardio and have had several comments since on ‘your skin is glowing’ so there HAS to be a connection!

    1.19.16 Reply
  14. Grace, have you read Caroline Hirons’ blog? She offers the BEST skincare advice (aside from you!) and has such an honest approach to beauty. I think you’d love her – http://www.carolinehirons.com/.

    1.20.16 Reply
  15. I want to try an oil cleanser, I’m currently using a Boscia overnight moisture mask and I was thinking of giving their oil cleanser a try, maybe I’ll this line to my list of things to try as well!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

    1.23.16 Reply
  16. Julie:

    Hi Grace–your blog is my favorite! I agree with the poster who said I would buy these products just for the packaging. Do you know if the cute “Good Stuff” makeup bag is for sale? I looked on the Bare Minerals site and didn’t see it. It’s hard to find the bigger sizes like that, and it’s super cute. Hope you are surviving the storm!

    1.24.16 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Julie! I couldn’t find it online either, so I have an email in to the brand! Stay tuned 🙂

      1.24.16 Reply
      • Julie:

        Thanks so much!

        1.25.16 Reply
        • graceatwood:

          Hi Julie, The brand got back to me! Unfortunately the bags were made just for their PR contacts, BUT there is a similar customer version of the bag that is available as a gift with any $60 purchase at their bareMinerals boutiques while supplies last:


          Do you have a a bareMinerals boutique near you? Hope this is somewhat helpful!

          1.25.16 Reply
          • Julie:

            I do have a boutique nearby–I will have to try to get over there this week and check it out. Thanks so much for following up on this!