7 Places to Buy Affordable Art.

7 Places to Buy Affordable Art

I have been meaning to pull together a list of affordable art for a long time now, but keep forgetting!

It is always a very popular requests. We have talked about how to pick art for your home and I have a big post with all my affordable home decor tips (there is some more art stuff included there, too!) but today I wanted to share seven really amazing resources for affordable art. From a cool (free!) resource for photos that you can have professionally framed… to a few of my favorite print shops and even some (!!!) incredible original pieces, there are a lot of ways to get beautiful art for your home without spending a ton of money. I will caveat that the original pieces are still an investment!

I hope this is helpful and if you have suggestions and/or favorite print shops, please – share them in the comments section… I’d love to see them!

7 Places to Buy Affordable Art

Michelle Armas art | 7 Places to Buy Affordable Art

Michelle Armas is one of my favorite artists.

I am lucky enough to own one of her original totem pieces (it’s one of my favorites, I have it in my bedroom!) but did you know about her print shop? She sells prints of some of her most popular pieces (including my beloved totems – love love love this one!). I love her work so much and think it’s really cool of her to offer beautiful prints at really accessible price points.

Unsplash for free photos | 7 Places to Buy Affordable Art

I think this tip came from Becca.

But if you are looking for beautiful photos (particularly large scale photos), one tip I have heard is to scour Unsplash for free photos, download it, and upload it to Framebridge to order a framed print. I recommend searching for what you’re looking for… in this case I searched for palm trees (above!) and aerial views (top photo!). There are a lot of beautiful photos that you can peruse, and Framebridge does a great job printing them out on high quality paper and then framing.

Blair Breitenstein

Blair Breitenstein is a friend back in New York and I just love her work so much.

Over the past few years she has really exploded (do you follow her Instagram!?) but besides her originals, she also stocks beautiful limited edition fashion prints (looovvvve this cat!) and still life prints as well.

Liz Lidgett art

Liz Lidgett is one of my favorite gallerists and currently has an “under $500” section on her site, in honor of Mother’s Day.

I realize that under $500 is still a lot of money but wanted to include this here as it is considered affordable for a piece of original art. And I really appreciate that Liz makes an effort to make art more accessible… while she does carry some very expensive pieces and artists, she also invests a lot of energy discovering supporting more up and coming artists, whose work is oftentimes much more affordable.

where to buy art pieces

I absolutely love Melvin G’s (aka Morgan Elvingson Walker)’s work, especially her faces and her Iris Apfel pieces!

They sell out FAST, so (as with most of my favorite artists!) the best way to stay informed and up to date is to follow her on Instagram – she posts whenever she’s adding new pieces to her shop.


FRANCIS makes beautiful, affordably priced modern art.

I love the bold, monochromatic silhouettes – all hand painted in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Check out his instagram here!

Juniper Print Shop

Juniper Print Shop, by Jenny Komenda always comes highly recommended.

I actually learned about it via a thread in The Stripe Facebook Group. You can order oversized art (minus frame but they have a great tutorial with tips for how to frame it) or digital prints that you could then send to somewhere like Framebridge to have professionally framed. I love that they have so many stunning prints that will appeal to a wide array of tastes. I love the “Meditation” print above… isn’t it soothing to look at?

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  1. Thank you for the recommendations, Grace! The art industry has come a long way, there are so many great platforms to find new and emerging artists now! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.29.21 Reply
  2. Lily:

    Thanks so much for this post, Grace!! I aspire to collect art someday but am definitely on a budget now. My favorite way to build my collection right now is buy a small piece of original art or a print everywhere I travel – I love them all and they remind me of my favorite trips!! I’ll definitely be bookmarking some of the resources you shared here!!

    4.29.21 Reply
  3. Lauren:

    Thank you for sharing these resources!! I recently found Urban Garden Prints and have bought a couple of prints from their shop. I believe it’s owned by 2 women in Charleston.

    4.29.21 Reply
  4. Nicole:

    I also recommend Well and Wonder – https://wellandwondercollective.com/

    5.4.21 Reply
  5. Megan Erin McCune:

    Great list! I also recommend Andy Blank for (very) modern/contemporary pieces made in Brooklyn (https://andyblank.com/), as well as Elizabeth Chapman for large art at super reasonable prices (https://www.elizabethchapmanartwork.com/).

    5.10.21 Reply