48 Hours in Miami.

48 Hours in Miami

I just got back from spending two very fun nights in Miami with four of my girlfriends. It was my friend Molly’s birthday and we wanted to do something special to celebrate her… a trip to Miami was just the thing!

I would take bigger girls trips all the time when I was younger but since hitting late 30s, now that the days of bachelorette parties and weddings are mostly over, girls trips are few and far between! Usually I’ll travel with my boyfriend or just one, maybe two friends. This was FUN! We had some amazing meals, lounged in the sun, and talked for hours and hours. I got home Sunday night and I’m still on cloud nine from all of that fun friend time. I wound up taking a little break from social media but took lots of photos so wanted to get a blog post up with everything we did, what I packed, etc.!

48 hours in miami

Where We Stayed

We stayed at The Standard this trip. I really liked it. The rooms are all on the ground level (adjacent to the bay and formed around the pool). I had a bathtub on my terrace which was kind of fun.

I would definitely stay here again but think my preference is to stay on the beach (The W, The Edition, The 1 are all favs) as I love having beach access and appreciate being able to walk to dinners. The Standard is located on a little island on the other side of the peninsula so it was just a little bit farther from the action and the beach than I’d like. Miami has a lot of traffic and we had to uber everywhere (vs walk) which is not my favorite. But I really liked the hotel and the scene at the pool was very very fun. There’s a great restaurant (Lido) for lunch/weekend brunch too, and the coffee shop is great (yummy juices, great coffee, fantastic pastries).

What I Packed

Let’s talk about the most important part.. the clothes! 😉 Miami is where I will dress a little sexier than usual (like this Johanna Ortiz dress) or super loud and bright. I did want to tell you that this fun Oliphant set is 15% off (top + skirt) with code GRACE15 – ends 5/31! If you are going to Miami, pack your brightest things. Chartreuse, orange, bright yellow! This is the time to let the color in your wardrobe really shine.

Vizcaya Gardens and Museum

What We Did

Vizcaya Gardens and Museum

This was amazing, a really special highlight of the trip. It really was just the prettiest place. We spent Saturday morning here and wow. You really feel transported back to another era. It felt like the Miami version of the Newport mansions to me. The wealth! The splendor! The gardens were stunning, but it was very hot so I would recommend going first thing in the morning (it opens at 9:30) so that you can really enjoy the gardens without getting too hot. A friend of mine got married here and I can’t imagine how amazing that must have been!

The Standard Pool

We really only had one full day, so we spent the morning at the gardens and then the afternoon at the pool (plus pool time Friday afternoon and Sunday morning before our flight). The pool at The Standard is very very fun… a great scene and because children aren’t allowed at the hotel, it has more of a fun/party vibe than a family vibe. There’s a time and place for both things but for a girl’s trip, I love the more fun vibe. Lots of great people watching for sure!

The Standard Pool
The Standard Miami girls trip

Where We Ate & Drank


This was far and away the best food of the trip (I love Greek food) and is two of my girlfriends’ favorite restaurant. I would have gone back and ate every meal here if we could… it’s perfection! It’s located in the heart of Miami’s Design District which makes it the perfect bookend for your trip (right on the way to or from the airport). We made this our first stop on our way in and it was far and away my favorite meal.

Mandolin restaurant

This is a newer spot and SO fun. I felt like I was back in New York or LA but in my twenties. It is a scene with a club/lounge sort of vibe (and as the evening goes onward, dancing starts and it feels like a party. The drinks were fantastic (I had an espresso martini and I love that they carry Little Boat cabernet, one of my favorite wines). The wagyu dumplings were insanely good as were all the crudos. We also split a few sushi rolls which were delicious.

Mila Miami interior

After dinner on our first night, we went here. The bar was SO fun. You feel like perhaps you’re at one of Jay Gatsby’s parties. Think live music, banquettes, a majestic chandelier. I really loved this spot. I’d like to spend more time at this hotel (the theatre is supposed to be amazing but we were too last minute and didn’t see a show). 


We went here for drinks and dinner on our second night. Also a very fun vibe. The antipasto plate and bean dip were highlights for all of us!

Lido at The Standard

This is the restaurant at The Standard. We had lunch here both days. Really good food and easy environment. Perfect to walk over post-pool!

Lido at The Standard
48 Hours in Miami
48 Hours in Miami
Girls trip 48 Hours in Miami


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  1. I love a quick Miami trip especially with girlfriends! Can I just say, I love that you share “real” photos here. In a world where EVERYTHING is staged, and perfect I find it refreshing for REAL life to have a place.

    4.27.23 Reply
    • m:

      I second the real photos! This looks like the perfect short trip–the only kinds I take these days. I might just steal all these ideas for a weekend away. Love Miami!

      4.27.23 Reply
      • Molly:

        Thirded! I’m so over all the super posed, pouty, pretending to be casual/candid photos that have taken over Gen Z and a lot of millennial social media. Unless you are an actual influencer shooting a promotion I just find it so tiered and try hard at this point. Look at the camera! Smile!

        4.28.23 Reply
      • it was really just the perfect two days away!

        4.29.23 Reply
    • thanks!!!

      4.29.23 Reply
  2. Cait:

    A bathtub on the terrace! Love it

    4.27.23 Reply
  3. lisa:

    Do you know where your friends contrast trim linen looking shorts are from?

    4.30.23 Reply
  4. Whoa, that yellow phone booth needs to be in every district! Did it really work?

    4.30.23 Reply