Weekend Reading.


Who else is glad it’s the weekend! This was a weird week. Everyone I know was having a hard one. I saw girlfriends on Wednesday night and we all exchanged horror stories. I checked (here!) to see if Mercury is in retrograde… it’s not. So I’m not entirely sure what is up, but I’m confident that next week will be better. This weekend I’m headed out of town.. it will be good to get out of chilly New York for a few days. Whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s fab. Stay warm and have fun! xx

Some chic sneaker style…. such good inspiration here!

Have a blog? Starting a blog? Carly provides some really thoughtful, honest tips. Worth a read for bloggers at every level.

So happy that Rebecca Minkoff did her tassel clutch in neutrals..

I adored Krystal’s post about Tinder. So many truths.

Another great Self-Portrait dupe from ASOS. (This one is a must for the brides to be!)

I loved Kat’s white romper… (and am craving a warm-weather vacation after seeing her photos!)

Is there anything better than homemade chicken soup?

This simple boxy top is really pretty.

Why you should be drinking hot lemon water.

The ruffle on this shirtdress is so sweet.

I’m loving Molly’s new “Current Vibes” series – she always introduces me to the coolest stuff!

Hallie has me wanting to make more green smoothies..

Madewell has the greatest silk tops right now.

This is Internet gold: what those emails really mean

After obsessing over it for weeks I splurged on this striped dress.

I need to learn how to make cloud bread – yum!

An interesting read for everyone: what women get from their friends that they may not find in love.

This coral Burberry trench = coat goals.

I need to copy Hitha’s amazing avocado toast brunch.

I really loved Meghan’s “day in the life” post.


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  1. stef:

    Grace, I always look forward to your weekend reading posts! Keep up the good content…

    3.5.16 Reply
  2. The email translations are too good! I’m totally guilty of being on both sides of messages like those …

    That Twenty Something

    3.5.16 Reply