36.. + Birthday Video!

dress // bag // heels

Today is my 36th birthday! I don’t really know what to say about that. I have had a lot of anxiety leading up to this birthday… it is the first birthday I haven’t been excited about. (For the record I am generally very pro-birthday… I love them – whether it’s my birthday or a friend’s, I just love celebrating them.) 36 just isn’t/wasn’t an age I’m particularly jazzed about. But here’s the thing. We may not like it but we can’t control getting older (something I hate as I like to control everything), so we might as well make the best of it. And today, this moment, is the youngest that any of us will ever be (how is that for a weird thought!?) so hell, we might as well celebrate…!!!

Besides the whole getting older thing I am having a great little week. I got back from Charleston on Sunday (I was there for a friend’s birthday party… where I actually wore this dress!), I went to Bruno Mars last night with Oribe, and tonight I have a black tie fundraiser. This weekend I invited a bunch of friends over… I’m planning to just cook a big brunch and serve mimosas and yummy cocktails… is there anything better than that??

Anyway, in honor of this momentous day (insert eye roll here) Bobby and I made you a video… today I am sharing the 36 Things I’ve Learned in 36 Years! Some of it is funny, some of it is silly, and some is sentimental… enjoy! You can watch it below… or on my channel… and if you haven’t already I would love for you to subscribe!

Outfit Details: DVF Dress (also here and here) // Tuckernuck Earrings (c/o) // Celine Sunglasses // Manolo Blahnik Pumps // Bembien Bag

I just love the size of these earrings – they are so much fun!

Photography by Carter Fish, Video by Bobby Hicks.

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  1. Happy birthday to you! Glad to hear you’re having a good week, you definitely deserve it!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Kellie says 9.27.17

    Happy Birthday Grace!

    I’m 34 (and over a half) & that birthday was rough. Probably because I spent a good chunk of 33 thinking I was 32- yikes! Somehow creeping towards 40 makes you pause a bit more but life does tend to get better with age and I keep reminding myself at how much happier/comfortable I am with me.

    Plus now that my parents are retired I’m realizing the sweet decade may very well be your 60’s/70’s, haha.

    • grace at the stripe says 9.28.17

      HAHA I did the same thing. I forget my age sometimes… maybe that is for the best, HA! xx

  3. Emily says 9.27.17

    Happiest of birthdays!! Love the video, too cute and full of great advice 🙂 I especially love the use your good things now and stop comparing yourself to others!

  4. Madeleine says 9.27.17

    Happy birthday! Long-time reader but I don’t think I have ever left a comment… Loved the video, everything is so true. Extra thumbs up for using your fancy silver (using silver spoons myself, lol) and travelling alone!

  5. Marta says 9.27.17

    Happy birthday! That’s such a gorgeous dress, it’s super original. And the earrings are super cute.

  6. Dana says 9.27.17

    Age ain’t nothin’ but a number! Happy Birthday, Grace! Cheers to the best year yet for you! xx

    Pink Champagne Problems

  7. Kendal says 9.27.17

    Happy Birthday, Grace!! I hope you’re day is just as fabulous as you are. I am loving your videos!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  8. Tracy says 9.27.17

    Grace, wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    The video is the best and the advice is truly amazing. Thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Cory says 9.27.17

    This dress looks amazing on you! Happy happy birthday! I turn 36 in November and for some reason am struggling with this one too. It is a bit too close to 40 for my liking.

    • grace at the stripe says 9.28.17

      Thank you so much Cory!!! That’s kinda where I’m at too – I’m closer to 40 now than 30 which terrifies me!!

  10. Jess Zimlich says 9.27.17

    Happiest of birthdays, Grace! 36 looks good on you 🙂

  11. Mary says 9.27.17

    So, I’d never think you were a day over 25, for the record. 36 is the new 26, anyway! You don’t have to worry about getting older because you’re so fabulous and have accomplished so much! Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful time with your friends and the brunch!

  12. Vanessa says 9.27.17

    Wishing you a very happy birthday! I turned 35 this year, so I totally understand how you feel about not being entirely excited. Sometimes it’s hard to come to grips with the fact that you’re getting older and that you won’t ever get these days back again. That’s something I definitely struggle with — there are days when I think about my youth and just wish I could go back. But seriously, I think this happens to everyone – it’s only natural to want to remain young forever. Regardless of how we feel, as long as we’re happy and healthy, we should welcome every new day and celebrate our birthdays with those we love <3

    • grace at the stripe says 9.28.17

      Aw thank you so much Vanessa. It is really crazy… you said this so well. I really wish I could get a redo on my twenties as my thirties have been so much better/more fun. But you can’t, and no matter what happens we will keep getting older. It’s scary!!!!

  13. Marty says 9.27.17

    HAPPY, happy bday!!

  14. Denise Atwood says 9.27.17

    Wow, you continue to amaze me, not only are you talented, beautiful and loving, you are very, very wise! Loved this, happy happy birthday! xox miss you

  15. Sage says 9.27.17

    Your video was AWESOME! 🙂

  16. Lindsay says 9.27.17

    Happy Birthday Grace! Long-time reader but first time commenter (no time like the present right?!) Your posts are a daily treat for me & today was especially great with all the valuable advice you shared. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend celebrating! xx

  17. Carrie says 9.27.17

    Happy birthday! Sometimes the number is hard to swallow, but with how crazy the world is right now, and how short life can be, I try to remind myself that I hope to be an old lady someday. Right?! We are lucky to be alive and healthy and breathing. But damn….26 didn’t feel that long ago.

  18. Lisa says 9.28.17

    I’m in my thirties and I still feel like a child – I can so, so, so relate! Loved this. You’re too adorable, and your bed looks so comfy 🙂 Happiest birthday, Grace!!


    • grace at the stripe says 9.28.17

      So glad I’m not the only one. Thank you so much Lisa – have a great rest of your week!!!

  19. Maureen says 9.28.17

    Happy Birthday, Grace! I started reading your blog last year when I realized we had the same birthday 🙂 I am just one year behind you and turned 35 yesterday. I occasionally get freaked out as the number continues getting larger…but then I realize how young I feel and try to focus on that. Also – chocolate, a hot bath, or a glass of wine can definitely cure all (more often wine than the other two) – I totally agree!

    • grace at the stripe says 9.29.17

      Aw I love that! Hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!! 35 was one of my favorite years. XOXO

  20. natalie says 9.28.17

    happy belated grace! I absolutely LOVED watching this video. Love the tidbit about using the “good stuff” .. and also sleep! All such wonderful advice and so true. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and are continuing the celebration this weekend.