3 Designers to Watch – Spring 2012

Maybe it’s just me, but this Spring, a smattering of new designers that I’d never heard of (and now adore) have cropped up from under my radar.  It’s gotten to the point where I’m having a hard time keeping track of them all… but in the meantime I thought I’d share just three – that I’m either shopping at regularly… (or wish I was.)

Chinti and Parker

I’m having a little love affair with the British label, Chinti and Parker.  I had the pleasure of meeting the founders (cousins, Rachael Wood and Anna Singh,) and they are as lovely as the clothes.  They describe their approach as the opposite of fast fashion – setting out to design and produce pieces that you’ll own and wear forever.  Plus – everything is organic, carbon neutral, fair trade, and made in the EU.  With its soft, all organic cotton (and gorgeous stripes,) I’m totally hooked. I love, love, love… their dresses.  Especially, the striped ones… naturally.  And the cashmere sweaters.  Oh boy.

Red Stripe Dress // Polka Dot Cashmere Sweater // Navy Stripe Dress

Heidi Merrick

We’ll just call Ms. Merrick the Queen of Colorblock.  She’s been designing since 2007, so why am I just learning about her now?  My fault.  Anyway… I snagged the Tommy Shirt and am obsessed with it.  Merrick is a California native and I absolutely love that she manufactures her product so responsibly – everything is produced in Los Angeles, within walking distance of the design studio.

The Huntington Dress // The Marie Dress // The Driving Skirt

Markus Lupfer

Markus Lupfer is another designer that just sort of hit me over the head.  Lupfer is also based in London.  His goal is to produce wearable clothes with an ornamental feel (think of his famous sequin sweaters.)  I personally love the stripe dresses, but the sweaters are equally awesome!

Emma Dress (on sale!) // Stripe Dress with Sequin Cuff // Diamond Check Dress

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  1. Gaby says 4.26.12

    That Heidi is a genius, love all the clothes in her collection!

  2. Natasha Fatah says 4.26.12

    Chinti and Parker’s stuff definitely has my attention. 🙂

  3. Liz {Sequins & Stripes} says 4.26.12

    They are all soooo good! Heidi Merrick, I need it all. And who can resist Chinti + Parker stripes? I cant.

  4. Samantha Green says 4.26.12

    i love that chinti + parker polka dot jumper – i will be checking out their website straight away! 🙂 xx

  5. Nikki Rappaport says 4.26.12

    Stripes!! Can’t wait to see what else these designers do. Thanks for sharing.

  6. christin says 4.26.12

    i need that wide striped dress on the asap! 

  7. Viviana Carmona says 4.26.12

    I’m absolutely obsessed with Markus Lupfer and definitely need a piece of Heidi Merrick’s collection!

  8. AvgGirlsGuide says 4.26.12

    Adore discovering new designers (whether or not I can afford them!). Chinti and Parker have some gorgeous styles… love all the stripes!

  9. Sarah says 4.26.12

    I love how all their designs are very classic, but they each bring their own unique style to their pieces. I’ve been eyeing that Chinti and Parker polka dot cashmere sweater for a few weeks now… So gorgeous!

  10. Becca Atwood says 4.26.12

    I love that color block dress by Heidi Merrick!

  11. Jordan - Queen of LA says 4.26.12

    i love the colors heidi merrick uses. plus shes an angeleno to boot?! thanks for introducing her line, grace!

  12. Tamra Sanford says 4.26.12

    Oh wow, I love all these designs!!!  Thanks for the introduction. 

  13. Bettina says 4.26.12

    Love all three and can totally see why they’ve captured your heart 🙂 All of the fun stripes they incorporate into their pieces look so chic! 

  14. PurplesPrettier says 4.26.12

    I’m loving all of these stripes and the see-through dress!  Such classic looks.