2013 Gift Guide: The Mean Girl


Let’s be clear.  She isn’t actually a mean girl, but she loves Mean Girls the movie.  Real live mean girls don’t deserve presents, guys… they get coal.  (Duh!)  But anyways… I’m not going to lie, I had a lot of fun putting this guide together.  Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies of all time (not afraid to admit it) and I want every single thing on this list!

You Can’t Sit With Us Tee //  You Can’t Sit With Us Mug // Is Butter A Carb Print // Personally Victimized by Regina George // Mean Girls DVD // Burn Book // OMG Karen Button // Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen Studs // Pencil Set // Pink Tank

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  1. Kimberly FitzSimons says 11.19.13

    Too funny! That t-shirt cracks me up…of course, I just don’t think I could wear it because my “feel bad” mentality would take over and I would wonder if people knew I was kidding.

    • Grace Atwood says 11.19.13

      Aw I know… I have it and sleep in it. I could probably wear it to work but wouldn’t wear it out.

  2. Vicki @ WITC says 11.19.13

    I love all of these! I know a few girls who totally need these for christmas 🙂

    <3 Vicki

  3. abuthray says 11.19.13

    This is hilarious! We all know that we can reference Mean Girls in more life situations than we probably want to admit…. great gift ideas!


  4. Rachel says 11.19.13

    you have my heart in your hands with this post

  5. haha fun gift guide!

    & Pretty Things

  6. Donna says 11.19.13

    What a fun gift guide! I named my blog after a line from Mean Girls because I too have no shame in admitting it’s one of my favorite movies!


  7. viv - FT says 11.19.13

    Love this! The “butter is a carb” is my absolute favorite.

  8. Chelsea says 11.19.13

    This is hilarious Grace… love it!

    Chelsea & The City

  9. Kristen Nicole says 11.19.13

    Best movie ever. Love your gift guide. Clever!

  10. love this! my friend made me my very own Burn Book for a birthday two years ago (featuring some of our friends as “made out with a hot dog” etc. haha) and it’s one of my most treasured items ever.

    xo, http://www.lilyonfillmore.com

  11. JessJess says 11.19.13

    This is amazing and so clever! Thanks!!

  12. Kristina says 11.19.13

    Ha this is too funny! I definitely still love the movie. The pencils are my favorite!

    Kristina does the Internets

  13. Xandra says 11.19.13

    Love this! Mean Girls is one of my all time favorite girl movies and I definitely want that shirt!

  14. Leah Stone says 11.19.13

    Best post ever! LOVE

  15. Jordan {Queen of LA} says 11.19.13

    this list is AMAZING. mean girls is my #1 favorite movie (followed by clueless, notting hill, first wives club, and a league of their own) so i am ALL ABOUT IT!

  16. Jackie {York Avenue} says 11.19.13

    Hah, so cute! I forgot how great that movie is.

  17. Felicia says 11.19.13

    Love this movie! Takes me back! These gift ideas are so funny. My favorite is the On Wednesdays we wear pink tank top. I would wear that!

  18. darlingsoffortune says 11.20.13

    This is probably the best and most hilarious gift guide I’ve seen. Had to send it to all my female friends!!