Earth Day Beauty Picks.

Saturday is Earth Day! In that spirit, I wanted to round up my twelve (all-time, at least as of right now!) natural beauty products. It was hard to narrow this list down but these are the natural products I love most. They are magical, work just as well (if not better) as their “dirty” counterparts, and (if I do say so myself, although it wasn’t a criteria) also happen to look pretty darn good on your vanity. I swear packaging wasn’t a factor here, it just worked out that way. Natural beauty has come so far, even just in the last few years.

I’d love to hear your favorite natural beauty picks… tell me in the comments! And also, if you are looking for some more budget-friendly options: the best natural beauty products from the drugstore.

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  1. The Blue Cocoon was featured in this post but I had to include it again as it is one of my all time favorites. It smells incredible, is wonderful on dry/dehydrated skin, and immediately neutralizes redness.
  2. Shiva Rose x Agent Nateur Deodorant is my favorite all natural deodorant. I wrote more about Agent Nateur here, but the rose one is heaven. If you are looking for a more affordable all-natural deodorant, try Schmidt’s. The packaging isn’t quite as nice but it works really well too.
  3. Vintner’s Daughter is the most luxurious thing you can put on your face. It is just so wonderful. I know it’s expensive but it is so good for your skin.
  4. RMS Signature Set. I’m not usually a palette girl (I never use everything inside of most palettes!) but RMS did this one right. They basically took all of their best products and stuck them in one tiny purse-friendly compact!
  5. Everyday Oil is one of the best oils I’ve ever tried and it’s a great price. It also smells amazing. I use it everywhere – face, body, even my hair… and I always get complimented on how good it smells. Read more in my post about the five best face oils.
  6. W3LL People Foundation feels more like a tinted moisturizer and is one of my favorite everyday makeup products. I’d been trying to find a natural alternative to my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (still a favorite, I’ll admit!!) and this is the best one I have tried!
  7. Farmacy Lip Bloom was also featured in this post but it’s this (lip balm addict)’s favorite lip balm. It’s glossy and shiny but also insanely hydrating. Chapped lips don’t stand a chance.
  8. Palermo Coffee Scrub was (again!) featured in this post but it’s just sooooo good! Coffee scrubs are great when you want to tighten everything up… the results are short term of course but it still helps. This one smells amazing – a divine mix of coffee and citrus!
  9. RMS Coconut Oil Wipes are great for travel but also my favorite little luxury at night. They take all of your makeup off, leave your skin so smooth and soft but also smell like cake. Yum.
  10. Herbivore Bath Soak is a new fav but such a luxury. I will throw a handful in my bath and watch my stress just melt away. They smell really, really good.
  11. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask is something you are probably tired of hearing about from me but it’s magical. It exfoliates, tightens, brightens, and leaves skin looking so glowy and lovely. It’s a must before a big night out!
  12. LOLA Tampons (use code GATWOOD1) are kind of cheating as there is a plastic applicator but I’ve included them as I feel pretty strongly that we should not be using tampons that contain bleach and all of that bad stuff. (Most tampons are made from bleached rayon – yuck! Read more about LOLA in this post).

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  1. Wonderful post. I have so many natural beauty favorites, but ultimately Aveda will always win for me.

    Briana |

    4.20.17 Reply
  2. The coconut oil wipes sound amazing (I love the smell of coconuts!) and convenient too, perfect for someone lazy like me!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    4.20.17 Reply
    • They are so great for that very reason! I keep a few in my nightstand jusssst in case I get lazy. 🙂

      4.20.17 Reply
  3. I love this post! I’m always interested (maybe too interested…) in trying new natural beauty products.

    xo, brittany

    4.20.17 Reply
    • I am too. I feel like natural beauty has come SO far in the past few years, it’s always amazing to try new things that work just as well as their less “healthy” counterparts!

      4.20.17 Reply
  4. This is my favorite topic!! Thank you so much for sharing so many great, green beauty picks. A lot of my faves are on here like the Blue Cocoon, Tata Resurfacing Mask, Vintner’s Daughter.

    4.20.17 Reply
  5. These are great, I want to try those tampons!
    You should check out Raw Elements Sunscreen, it’s reef-safe, non-GMO and cruelty free. I used it last summer and LOVE it. You can even apply it one wet skin… which is perfect for my family’s days on the lake!

    4.20.17 Reply
    • Thank you so much for the suggestion, Ashley! I have been looking for a great natural sunscreen -they aren’t easy to find! xx

      4.20.17 Reply
  6. Catherine:

    Awesome roundup. I’ve recently fallen in love with Josh Rosebrook’s line. Really great production model, and better priced than some other similar lines. His face sunscreen, herbal infusion oil and masks in particular are amazing!

    4.21.17 Reply
  7. Stephanie:

    Have you tried 100% Pure? Its an organic and natural beauty line. I started using their mascara (its fruit pigmented so great for people with sensitivities) first and then their concealer and now their foundation. They have a brow product I want to try next!

    For skincare, I have been slowly switching over to products made locally and by hand by my lovely esthetician and her staff. I have rosacea and sensitive skin and her products are great at making me glow and feel pretty! She just recently launched a skincare line, I think for spas, and I love everything. Her hydrating serum and the toner are my favorites. Botnia Skin Care

    On a side note, I recently opened my medicine cabinet and pulled out my old Chanel toner. OMG the perfume in it and the almost oily feeling it left behind. So happy I made the switch.

    4.21.17 Reply
    • Thank you so much for all of the recommendations, Stephanie – this is great!!!! I know what you mean when you use all natural and then smell something with artificial fragrance… it smells so fake!!!

      4.21.17 Reply
  8. MK:

    I didn’t like the Shiva Rose x AgentNateur deodorant at all — the texture was too melt-y for me. I prefer Malin & Goetz or Baxter of California for natural deodorants — both intended for men, but perfect for any gender!

    5.2.17 Reply
    • Oh that is so funny because I LOVE the texture! I will have to try the two you mentioned as I have not tried either! xx

      5.2.17 Reply