The 12 Best Drugstore Beauty Products.


One of the things you guys ask me for the most is for drugstore beauty recommendations! Today I am sharing my twelve favorites. I know there is not a lot of skincare on here and I’m sorry. If you are looking for a full drugstore skincare routine I do really like the L’Oreal Paris Bright Reveal collection (I did a full review of the line here). The thing is, a lot of drugstore beauty products are packed with chemicals so personally, I’d rather see you just try this toner or these pads to exfoliate and brighten, and then use an organic oil on your face and then play around with cosmetics from the drugstore. I try to follow an 80/20 rule when it comes to skincare. 80% clean/organic, 20% everything else.

ONE // Maybelline Lipstick in “Gone Griege.” This is a little bit of a trendier lipstick color but I absolutely love it. It’s not quite brown, not quite purple… it’s griege – a grey combination of the two. When trying out a trendier shade I like to hit the drugstore first before committing to a fancier brand… Maybelline does color so well.

TWO // Biore Pore Strips. We’ve talked about this before but these are pretty much my obsession as the pores on my nose tend to get blackheads. There is nothing more satisfying than peeling one off and giving your pores a thorough de-gunking!

THREE // L’Oreal Lumi Cushion is one of the only drugstore foundations I’ve tried and truly LOVED. What I love about it is how light it is.. it covers up dark spots and redness, but doesn’t feel like makeup. And you can build with it, applying more to areas that need more coverage, and leaving the rest alone.

FOUR // L’Oreal Bright Reveal Pads are probably my all time favorite drugstore skincare product. I love them. They are packed with glycolic cid and leave your skin so smooth the next day. I use them before bed a few nights a week and my skin is always glowing the next day.

FIVE // Covergirl Brow Mascara. I get asked about my brows a lot, and this is what I use! I will fill them in with my Benefit brow pencil and then use this to tame and darken them. I’m obsessed – I actually (seriously) like it more than Boy Brow and Gimme Brow… I think the key is to get it a shade or two darker than your natural brow color.

SIX // Garnier Leave-in Conditioner. This stuff smells amazing and leaves my hair so so soft. I will often just put a bunch of this in my hair and let it air dry.

SEVEN // Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipstick in Orange Crush. You know how much I love a good red-orange lip.. this is the perfect matte option! I love how soft the formula is.

EIGHT // L’Oreal Charcoal Mask. I would really love to see the drugstore world up their mask game. This is the best drugstore face mask I’ve tried… it rivals Origins’ charcoal mask!

NINE // L’Oreal Paint in Orange Envy. Another great red-orange lip… this one is shiny, though! I feel like a movie star wearing this.

TEN // L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Serum. The best self tanner ever. You can’t mess it up and it’s so cheap compared to St. Tropez, etc. And while all self tanners smell, this one isn’t as bad as most.

ELEVEN // Covergirl Total Tease Mascara is my current favorite mascara. The formula and brush give your lashes major length and volume but it also has this little ball comb on the other side, allowing you to get the corners and lower lashes without any smudges.

TWELVE // PIXI Glow Tonic will have you reconsidering toner. As it’s an exfoliating toner, it gently sloughs off dead skin and any extra makeup residue that your cleanser didn’t get. It’s alcohol free so fine for dry skin, and it leaves skin feeling tighter (in a good way) and brighter, with smaller pores.

featured image via Vogue.


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  1. I actually really like Garnier and have been using its cleanser for the longest time. Never even knew it was a drugstore brand! Definitely going to check out their other products.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.14.17 Reply
  2. I keep hearing such good things about the glow tonic. Need to try!

    Briana |

    9.14.17 Reply
  3. Ooh, I love Origins’ charcoal mask – I’ll have to give the L’Oreal alternative a try! Always good for a cheaper price – ha! I love these type of posts!

    I hope you’re having a lovely Thursday,

    9.14.17 Reply
  4. Oh my gosh, thanks for this!! I love those matte/bright lip color ideas. Totally hitting up Walgreens for your suggestions. Can’t wait to try the mascara– I need something to get the corners of my lashes!

    9.14.17 Reply
  5. Cy:

    Because of you, I always have my Pixi and I swear it keeps the blackheads away from my nose! I bought the pad version for my Portugal trip and they are great too. My nephew( 16) was visiting from Brooklyn and I bought him a bottle of glow tonic. His skin is gorgeous, but teenage boys don’t like to wash their faces, I guess so he has a few blackheads. We also got him the Biore strips and a charcoal cleanser. His skin started to look better right away. Now he’s into it and he has his own products. The Covergirl brow is my favorite too! Better than the pricey ones for me. I’m looking forward to trying that mascara too. Thanks for a great line up! 🙂

    9.15.17 Reply
    • YAY! Thanks Cy! I’m so glad you are still using it – it’s so good! Love that you got your nephew into it.

      Have a great weekend 🙂 xx

      9.16.17 Reply
  6. I need to try this self-tanner! I always screw it up and look crazy.


    9.15.17 Reply
  7. Jean Mason:

    Great post Grace!

    9.15.17 Reply
  8. Sam:

    Love this list, Grace! Loading up my cart:)


    9.15.17 Reply
  9. I used Garnier cream before and I loved it. Other drug store product that I really love is Simple. Their face wash really works for me. And yes to L’oreal charcoal mask.

    9.17.17 Reply