What a fun weekend with the family (but whew – I’m a little exhausted!)
As of late, I’ve been so exhausted that weekends become downtime (movie marathons and indoor hibernation..) so it was really nice to get out and about. (in the beautiful weather, I might add.)

Here’s what we did…

Friday Night: Dinner at my sister’s apartment. They went to the Amish market on 9th Ave (in Hell’s Kitchen) and cooked a delicious (and healthy) pasta dish with pesto, tomatoes, and broccoli. Dessert was delicious chocolate brownie cookies from Momofuku’s bakery. YUM.

Saturday: I slept in… but my mom & sis hit up the farmer’s market to get yummy treats for dinner. Then it was shopping, shopping, shopping (Rock Center – EVERYTHING in Anthropologie is amazing right now… and playing at the beauty counter of Bendel’s.) Then we walked all the way up through the park, to the Whitney Biennial. (Definitely worth the stop… more on that later.) A nice surprise was that if you are a Bank of America customer, the first weekend of the month is “Museum Weekend,” and you get free admission! It was nice to get something from them that isn’t an overdraft fee! Then it was back to my sister’s apartment for wine… and a delicious meal of grass-fed beef, fingerling potatoes, and salad (field greens with goat cheese & walnuts.

Sunday: More shopping (Urban Outfitters) – my little sister got some cute things… and then brunch at 5 Ninth (5 Ninth Avenue in the Meatpacking District… their Parmesan biscuits are to die for!) 2 Bloodies at brunch meant we all needed a nap afterward, and then it was time for the Oscars! Had a few friends over for a little Oscar Party (and lots of wine & cheese,) and then it was time for bed!

All in all, a jam-packed (but really nice!) weekend.

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