100cameras + World Perspective Day.

One of the best parts of being self-employed is having for the most part, complete and utter control over my schedule. You can grocery shop and go to the gym in the middle of the day, and then stay up late into the wee hours working/writing. It’s pretty great. But one thing (until more recently) had been gnawing at me for a while: how to take advantage of my flexible schedule to do something for good. I signed up for New York Cares and have done a few projects here and there but what I really craved was the feeling of being a part of something, in a way that could make a bigger difference (as opposed to just doing one off things here and there.

And then, life sort of just dropped the perfect opportunity into my lap. 100cameras. A friend invited me to be a part of their advisory board and once I learned more about what they did, I had to get involved.

100cameras combines so many things that are important to me into one. Helping kids, empowering communities, and encouraging the arts. They go into underprivileged communities and give cameras to children (and teach them photography). The kids take photos, and then 100cameras sells their photography. All of the proceeds are then donated back to the community. What an incredible thing.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about the organization as I get more involved (we are planning a big fundraiser party at the end of May… it’s going to be amazing!) but for now, our first big initiative is World Perspective Day… tomorrow, Thursday March 30th. World Perspective Day is all about experiencing other people’s perspectives and how they view the world. Annnnd I would love for you to get involved!

It’s pretty easy to get involved….

  • Simply post an image that represents your perspective and how you view the world.
  • Tag #WorldPerspectiveDay.
  • Then, follow the hashtag to see life through someone else’s eyes.



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  1. Denise:

    Love this

    3.29.17 Reply
  2. This is incredible, I will certainly be posting and checking the hashtag. Thanks for highlighting such a cool cause.
    Em http://www.organicallyemily.com

    3.29.17 Reply
  3. Love this – I’ve got to check out the awesome photos with the hashtag!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    3.30.17 Reply
  4. That seems like such an amazing project! The idea of communities profiting from art is amazing and it really empowers children and makes them happier, it’s amazing.

    3.30.17 Reply
  5. What a great organization! I can’t wait to share my photo today and follow the hashtag.


    3.30.17 Reply
  6. Cy:

    We need this so much now Grace! With all of our funding being stripped by the government, I’m cheered to see , so many people getting behind projects like this. As a child where art, in some ways quite literally saved my life, I’m so glad to hear you are part of this organization. I’m off to shoot. #WorldPerspectiveDay!

    3.30.17 Reply
  7. Cy:

    I’m such a dope! I had 1000cameras confusing it with another follow, 1000vinhos. Had a great time shooting the photos anyway and it looks I wasn’t the only one with that typo. Lol!

    3.31.17 Reply